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Monday, November 27, 2006


We watched this movie this weekend. It was a really good movie with a very good theme. I would have liked a little less sexual scenes and cursing. I really think the movie would have been better without all of that and still got the meaning across! I think the meaning was we need to enjoy what we have now even the bad. We need to expereince it! This guy wanted to fast forward through everything and get to the good stuff. It is so important for us to go through the trials in life. I really think that we need those experiences! I think it makes us better. Unfortanually, it was almost too late for the guy in the movie to understand the importance of that. Sometimes, I have thought it would be so nice to fast forward through life. I remember when my aunts and uncles were 30 and how great I thought it would be to just fast forward to 30. Now that I am older than 30 I wish sometimes I never wished that. I am grateful for the knowledge I have that we have been sent here to be tested and going through trials are part of that experience. I cried so hard when the guy finally died, but before dying told his family what he had finally learned. "Family comes first." I was really glad when he woke up and it was all a dream! He was given a chance to use the romote again but had learned his lesson. Like I said, I really liked the theme of this movie, but hated that it had all that bad stuff added for , "humor."


Purplescraps said...

It looks good April! If you need help with anything just email me at or yim when you know I am on!!!!

Kara said...

I liked the theme of that movie too, but agree they could have left out the crude stuff.

Lorie said...

You mean Lorie right Becky! lol

Jen said...

LOL, Becky!

Lorie, cute place :D
I've never seen the movie you talked about, but sounds like it would make a great book ;)

Dawn said...

We watched Click and I thought the same thing, why was that necessary in so many parts of the movie! The point of the movie was cute but it was like, yikes, this so could have been PG! LOL


Hi Lorie also saw click thought the same.Hugs,Linda

Purplescraps said...

I am sorry Lorie!!!! My mind is a bit slow because of the weather lately!


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