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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Thoughts

Well, I guess you all know by now that when I have thoughts in the title, I am going to talk about what is going on in my life.

Today the baby is three weeks old. Now that I can get around better and even lay on my side. Holding the baby has been so much easier to me. I actually enjoy holding the baby so much better. The past couple of nights, we have just sat up talking. His eyes are so bright, I just love looking at them! When he was born, they were pretty black. Now I THINK they are moving more toward the blue side. Neil has been doing better about sleeping at night, but he still gets up about 3 times a night. He is now about 8 pounds.

Nathan and Katelyn are doing so well with the baby that it has actually suprised me! They love to rub his head. Nathan likes to help me burp the baby and he takes used bottles to the kitchen for me. Katelyn likes to rub his head too and she does a pretty good job holding him with help. She likes to bug him while he is sleeping and put his pacy in his mouth. Both do bug him at times. They will not let him swing in his swing. They want to push him and then the swing gets all messed up. But, anyways they really love him and are doing quite well with him. My 7 year old likes to hold him but really does not want to help do anything. Oh well.

My life is starting to get back to normal, well kind of. The only problem I have had is that I can not do all of the things I want to do in one day, that I used to do. I struggled for a long time at how I was going to even care for 4 children. My mom had 4 kids and twins included but she was really not very supportive in my eyes. She just said, "I did it." Well, she did not have any c-sections either. They do take a little more time to heal from. So, basically my biggest problem right now is exhaustion! I really need a night that I can sleep and not get woken up. That would help so much, I think. By about 3 pm, I am just so tired! I have decided that for now, taking care of the kids (which is a full time job in itself), laundry, dishes, and cooking is about all I can do right now. My dh is still not working so he has been helping me with a lot of night stuff since he is just going to school from 9 am -2:30 pm. I really do not know what I would have done without him. He tells me he is not going back until he sees that I am ready and he really feels like I am not ready yet. This has been the hardest baby to recover from and I really think it is because it is the first time that I have had other kids to care for. With the twins, my ds was pretty much able to take care of himself. I know they tell you it takes 6 weeks to recover and I have only had three weeks of recovery. Well, I will just be so happy when I get things as back to normal as possible!

Menu Monday

So here's my plan for the week.

Monday-Grilled Burgers, fries

Tuesday- Manwich, macaroni and cheese

Wednesday- Tacos, spanish rice

Thurday- Chicken Stir Fry, Fried Rice

Friday- Homemade Pizza

Saturday- Soup and Sandwich night

Sunday- Chili? Not for sure yet We are blessing our new baby at church so we will have a big lunch so it needs to be something light.

I found a lot of great recipes everyone is making this week that I have to try next week!

For more recipe ideas go to Organizing Junkie.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Well, I am a little late this week and have missed about three weeks. I had a baby and needed some time to recover. So, after three weeks, I am feeling lots better and I am ready to start working on my habits again. This is our fourth child and it has really been the hardest for me to get back into a routine with my kids! But, things seem to be going better. So, I am going to have to work on the other two weeks again and I am going to make a new habit.

Here is my recap and new goal:

Habit 3: Night Before Church Routine- We had a hard time getting all six of us ready for church this week so from now on, I want to have everything laid out, diaper bags packed and basically ready to go . This habit will make my Sundays go so much better. I actually used to do this, but just got out of the habit!

Habit 2: Toy pick-up- actually I have continued this habit and have gotten the kids to do this before bedtime and it has worked wonders!

Habit 1: Make bed every day- well I was doing really well until after the baby was born and now I am taking cat naps. So, I will have to work on this one some more.

If you want to learn more about Smart Habit Saturdays visit The Lazy Organizer.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My baby is two weeks old!

Well my baby is two weeks old today. My dh and I were talking last night, it feels more like two months. My little boy still is having a hard time understanding that nighttime is for sleeping. He likes to stay up all night. Here are some pictures, Enjoy!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Well, today was the first day that I was going to have all the kids and start trying to get a routine down. I still have to go slow because it has only been two weeks and it takes 6 weeks to recover, but I am feeling lots better. I only have a couple of problems that I am trying to get back to normal. It actually feels good to get back to normal. Although I have to admit that normal will never be the same now that I added a newborn to the mix. I have a few areas on the house that I am working to keep clean and the rest I am just going to have to let go right now. The twins have gotten real good at helping me keep their toys picked up. I got to fiqure out how to get this baby to sleep at night because it just makes my day so much harder. I am so tired by 5:00 pm that I have atually fallen asleep on the couch. I admit I am not taking a lot of time to fix myself something to eat and taking the time to eat and I need to do better at that, so I will feel better. Well, my dh just called me and he is coming home because there is no school today. I tried to tell him. So, guess I might get a nap afterall :) Hope you all have a good day! I got two poppy diapers waiting for me! Oh the joys of motherhood!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Toothbrush

I got a new toothbrush yesterday. I always wait way too long to buy a new one! Wow! What a difference a new toothbrush makes! Makes my mouth feel happy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

What a difference a day makes!!!!

Right now I feel really good! Maybe it was just hormones and I was just flipping out yesterday! My RS President called me yesterday to see how I was and she told me she wanted to watch the kids while I went to the doctor today. She got to watch all 4 since my 7 yr old school was cancelled for bad weather...they have not been to school all week. We went to the doctor and I got my stitches out. Well, let me just tell you that that one thing can make you feel so much better. My scar is still a little infected and I got some more meds for that. Spent some time at Walmart and went out to lunch with my dh. My kids were fine here and all my dishes were washed and my floors got vaccumed. What a great blessing! It was nice to get out but I missed my baby! That was the first time I left him, so it was kind of hard. I also found out at the doctor that I lost another 9 pounds since Monday. Wow, wouldn't it be nice to lose 9 pounds every week? I have lost about 35 pounds now which is actually more than my prepregnancy weight. I got a way to go in losing weight though! Right now though, I feel like I am starving and I am still losing weight. Crasy! But, I have been getting tired real easy too. I got back today and took a 3 hour was that wonderful! I still got a ways to go to get back to "normal!'" Today is the first time since I have been home that everybody seems to be happy to be around each other. So, my family is meshing! So, yeah, what a difference a day makes!! and I have to add "What a difference prayer makes!"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

I guess I have just really been down lately! Hormones? Maybe? I have such great friends on message boards but I really do not want to go crying to them again! So, I am hoping that I can post my feelings here. I am trying way too hard to do what I need to do! And...I just have way too much to do! I really can not do it all right now! My dh has left me alone with all 4 kids a few times and sometimes I think how in the world am I going to do all this. I love being a mom so much, don't get me wrong. I guess it will come with time, but it is so scarry right now! I only have recouperated a week and I need more time to heal to be able to do everything I need to do. My dh has had a lot of stress as he has taken over a lot of my responsibilites as well as his own and my 7 year old has been really challenging. And my twins want me to pick them up and I can not. My dh just cried the other day (He never cries) and I cried with him because I think we are both really scared right now! Isn't having a new baby right up there on the stress list? I know things will work out! Have any of you ever tried to run ( I should say walk slowly as I have lots of stitches still in) after two-2 year olds and watch a baby so nobody hurts him and try to help a 7 year old with his homework? It was so hard! Some of you may be thinking, she's done this twice before. That is true but my second time I had a 6 year old who could do a lot of things for himself and was in school. This time I have those active 2 year olds. Some of you all asked, and my dh did quit his job for a while and I know a lot of people told me this was wrong. I even felt that way, but now I do not know what I would have done without him. We really have nobody to help us. Our church has provided us with meals, but since we are the only members in our county, we have to go pick up the food from a different county. My mil is the only one who has come to visit us and help out for a few hours. My parents have not even seen the baby yet. Makes me kind of sad because I know this is going to be there last grandchild, everyone else is done. So, having dh home even if he went back to school this week was the only option for us. He actually loved his job at Walmart in Electronics, Walmart says they will rehire him, but he might not get back in electronics and that is where he really wants to work. So, I really feel like he gave up a lot too. I am so tired of crying! Last night, I just wished Dh and I could have gone somewhere and just been alone, but we had no babysitter and the kids had been gone from the house all day. I know things will come with time and I am reminded of a scripture from the BOM when I feel like this. The Lord would not give us anything unless he provided a way for us to do it. I have to hold on to that and know that I will be back to normal before long. Hmm. maybe I will post this on a board.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here is a picture of my Valentines! I love each and every one of them! Many of you all have seen this picture. This is a mess up picture of the picture you are thinking about, but after going back and looking at it, I love it! Nate and Kate are so into the baby. I even missed that Nate was rubbing the baby's head. This was the first time they had seen each other! I love you all, my little family! Oh, maybe I should say my big family. lol!

Hope all of my friends are having a Happy Valentine's Day too!

New Baby Thoughts and the World

So, as you all know, I have this precious baby! It is hard to believe how fast we fall in love with them. It is also so hard to believe that we feel the same love for all of our children. There is that much love to go around. As, I look at my new baby, and all my children, I am so grateful to have all of them in my life and it brings tears to my eyes (tears of joy!). I feel so blessed to be able to bring these children into the world and teach them the things they need to learn. I guess that is what brings me to what I want to write about today. Some people in the world just confuse me! Why do some people even have children? For instance, my cousin, who is a lot younger than me, got me really thinking about this. My cousin R got sent away to a boarding school when she was in high school. She had ran away from home and her parents felt this was the best opportunity for her to shape up. She was doing so good. Until her parents found out she was pregnant. R had the baby and kept him. R has been pregnant every time I have been. She had a baby at the end of last year (her 3rd) and she is living with her boyfriend and doing drugs. Social Services came in and took away two of her children and her oldest is staying with R's dad. Social Services is trying to find R to get her to go to rehab so she does not lose all of here children. But, they can not find her. R called her dad the other night and told him she just wants to run away. She does not want to face up to her problems and does not really seem to care about her children anymore. Social Services has the children in foster care. It really is a sad situation. I just do not understand how people can choose drugs over there children? I know I can not judge them but when I look at my own children I just do not think anything would keep me from them. I would do whatever I had to do to keep my children. Mind you I know R has had a VERY hard life for a young woman. I also know that we all have the right to choose in this life what we do. But, it still pains me. We have another girl who goes to our church who is in a similar situation as R, except she went to jail. Also, there have been several local news stories lately about babies parents going to court for murder because they beat the child to death. I just do not understand how anyone could do that to a baby. Right before I had the twins, my doctor had delivered a set of triplets. As, a mother of twins, I know there are a lot of pressures put on parents of multiles and it sometimes makes it harder. So, again I can not judge but it is hard for me to understand how these parents abused these children and killed one.
These are just some thoughts I have had going through my head. Looking at my own child I just can not see how I could let anything come in the way of raising these little spirits! Like I said I am not judging, just do not understand. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for blessing me with 4 spirits to raise. After my first was born, I thought I would never have another because It took me so long to get pregnant the second time. Look at me now. lol I have 4 beautiful and healthy children to raise and I am so grateful!

P.S. My cousin R and her children could really use some prayers as well as all of the children out there who are suffering!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Finally! Pictures!!

Neil Allen Adams
February 6, 2007
7 lbs 12 oz.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


David and Lorie Adams and big brothers Nicholas and Nathan and big sister Katelyn announce the birth of Neil Allen Adams born 2/6/07 at 10:33am. Weight was 7lbs 12ozs and he was 20 inches long. Mommy and baby both are doing fine. Pictures will soon follow.

Monday, February 5, 2007

I'm Off..

Well, this will be my last post as I go into the hospital really early tommorrow. Even though it is early, they said I probably would be after lunch. I expect to be back on Friday. My dh will try to announce on here after I have the baby. I am so ready! See you all soon!!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

~My Forever Love part 2~

Note: Since I did not have many comments on part one, you might want to read that before reading this one. It is on how I met my forever love and the engagement.
Today, I am going to tell you about our wedding. Actually part of it is kind of funny and scary! We decided to get married in the temple. We were both worthy and we felt it was the right thing to do. This was a very hard decision for both of us because neither of us had any family in the church who could go to the temple. None of my family were members of the church. Actually my dad is an ordained baptist minister. I joined the church in college and never told them. So, it was really hard for me to explain to them that I was getting married and they could not come. My dad tried to get me to see how wrong the church was and he was even a little mean to my future husband. (They get along great now) I am really glad that I never told them I joined the church until then because I really do not think I would have been able to answer some of the anti things my dad was telling me about the church. I had been in the church for about 3 years and I knew a lot more. My dh's family had just joined the church so they could not go to the temple with us either, but they were very supportive about us going to the temple to get married. Anyways, at that time, we had no temple in our state. Oue temple district at that time was St. Louis Missouri. That is about a 7 hour trip for us. We wanted to get married in that temple anyways because we both felt that it was really the place that we fell in love. So, anyways, we drove to St. Louis to get married. We really did not have a lot of money and I think our branch knew that because they gave us mostly money for shower gifts, because they knew we wanted to get married in the temple. I remember one lady giving us a $100 bill and she said I want you all to be able to go to the temple, this should help cover your room expenses. This was an expereince that really made me know we were doing the right thing. I had invited the sister missionaries who had taught me the gospel. One was living in Kentucky, her dh was going to school and they drove down to the temple. The other one lived in Salt Lake and she and her dh flew down. I was glad I had invited them and they came because I would have had nobody there and I did not know that I needed witnesses. So, anyways we traveled down the day before and got to the St. Louis County Courthouse, which was not the most easiest thing to find. We are from a very rural part of Kentucky, and to us this felt like New York City! The courthouse was also VERY scary for both of us. When you go in you have to go through metal detectors and they wand you. We went and got the license. Next, we had to get it signed by the judge. We were told to go to his courtroom, which we did we sat in the back and there were like 30 prisoners in there. We were both really scared. DH left me there and went to find out what was going on, I was scared to death! Finally, we found the judges chambers. We went to pay the fee and found out that he had waived the fee for the license which was really nice! (We looked back at that expereince and laugh!) The next morning, we left our hotel for the temple. (Just in case you are wondering...yes we had separate rooms) We went through a session first and I am really glad we did that. Well, anyways we got sealed and married all in one day. We had a really neat sealer. He told us lots of neat things, I remember some and dh remembers some that I do not. One thing he said was we need to keep a bucket of water at our back door to remind us to keep out fires. The fires he was talking about was yelling and fighting. He said we needed to become one in everything we do. That is about the best I can remember on some of the things he told us. I think the bucket of water thing is hillarious! After the ceremony, we went outside to take pictures. It was February, but it was really nice out and the flowers at the temple were really beautiful! It was really funny because people from my first singles branch were there and did not even know I was getting married. We spent one more night in St. Louis and then headed home. We spent our week off moving my dh into my apartment and getting settled. The next weekend we had a reception at our branch. Both our families came and it was really neat to be able to include them. We had a ring ceremony and I think that helped them to feel more included. It was snowing all day and we got some really neat pictures in the snow. Quite a bit different weather than we had at the temple!
Anyways that's the story of how I met and married my forever love! We now have three beautiful children and one on the way. We even got twins! What a blessing! I really think the Lord had plans for us to be together, we both just had to be in the right place. We later found out that we got baptised the same year and week. So, the Lord was really working in our lives to prepare us to be together. I am so glad that we were doing the right things and found each other!
Stay tuned for tommorrow's post about our children.....

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