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Monday, February 19, 2007


Well, today was the first day that I was going to have all the kids and start trying to get a routine down. I still have to go slow because it has only been two weeks and it takes 6 weeks to recover, but I am feeling lots better. I only have a couple of problems that I am trying to get back to normal. It actually feels good to get back to normal. Although I have to admit that normal will never be the same now that I added a newborn to the mix. I have a few areas on the house that I am working to keep clean and the rest I am just going to have to let go right now. The twins have gotten real good at helping me keep their toys picked up. I got to fiqure out how to get this baby to sleep at night because it just makes my day so much harder. I am so tired by 5:00 pm that I have atually fallen asleep on the couch. I admit I am not taking a lot of time to fix myself something to eat and taking the time to eat and I need to do better at that, so I will feel better. Well, my dh just called me and he is coming home because there is no school today. I tried to tell him. So, guess I might get a nap afterall :) Hope you all have a good day! I got two poppy diapers waiting for me! Oh the joys of motherhood!


Beth said...

Glad your DH is coming home to help you out; hooray!! I'm glad things are settling in a bit for you; take care of yourself, Lorie. :hugs:

Kara said...

I hope you get a nap. Glad things are starting to get "normal".

Michelle said...

How sweet your husband was coming home to help you! Yay for routines and starting to feel like things are getting back to normal for you. You sure do have your hands full, but you're a great mom Lorie!

Kate said...

I hope that yesterday was a good day and that today will be just as good if not better getting back into the routines and creating new ones for your sweet family! *HUGS*

Dawn said...

Ahhhhh poopy diapers! LOL I'm glad David was able to come home and help you out! Good luck today! :)

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