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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Neil, My Baby!

I have not posted much about my kids lately on here, so today I am going to focus on Neil, my baby. He is really growing up! I can't keep him in the playpen at all to go do something, even take a shower because he climbs right out! I do not think it will be long before he climbs out of his crib. That makes me sad because he is only 17 months. I hope he would stay in his crib until he was at least 2! He also does not want to keep his clothes on. He takes his clothes off and puts his pants on his head. He is also sucking his tongue when he is tired, just like his brother Nathan did. He really is quit the character!


Kate said...

He's sure getting big . . . and cute! :)

Beth said...

Love that picture of him with the pants on his head! LOL
He's sure a cutie.

Anonymous said...
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