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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Book Review-A Sister's Test

This is the second book in this series. This book left me with the same feelings as the first. The book is really great but it just does not end right. Well,I guess that is because there is a sequeal, but still it just did not end like I wanted. This book focuses more on the second oldest sister in the family Ruth as she is put to the test by many trials. In the end, she puts her faith in God and finally makes it. This book as well as the first are both kind of stressful as someone is out to get the family and keeps doing small threatening things as well as causing a buggy accident that leads to the death of a family member. So, the autor has thrown in a mystery in a christian fiction book. The reader is given lots of clues as to who is doing this, but we still do not find out who or why in this book. I am a big fan of Wanda Brunstetter and this book meets my expectations of her, really good!

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Renee' said...

Great review! Thanks for sharing.


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