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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crazy Fun Weekend

I am so tired. I had a BAD nightmare and woke up and I really needed the extra sleep. Oh well! In my nightmare, my car broke down in this weird neighborhood. I was by myself, but it felt like at was on a college campus. Anyways, I went into this building, that was like a dorm, to call for help and it was so weird these "people" come running down halls and if you are there they stop you and will not "hurt" you if you give them what money you have. I had some money on me but knew I needed it so lied to them and said I had no money, but gave them a vaulable bowl, which they broke. They ended up coming for me knowing I lied about not having any money and tried to beat me up, but I had a paint can and told them I would throw it on them. Somehow I got back into the building and asked someone to call the police for me which they did. After which they told me the police would not come to the building because "they" killed so many policemen. I also remember something about a laywer, which is where I was coming back from when my car quit working, who had found information for me as to why me dh was so sick and that I should sue them and would get lots of money. Strange dream! Scared me! I woke up after learning that the police would not help me. My heart was racing! I hate that. I know weird dream!
We went to my church Halloween party and had a really good time. I felt like I never stopped yesterday! In the morning, I made Scarecrow Treats for the party (I'll share the recipe and a picture later), and got all of the candy and costumes ready. I'll also share some pictures later, I have not put them on my computer yet. My kids were all so cute. Nathan was the cookie monster and he would eat cookies (pretend) and make all of the noise that goes along with it. He was too cute. Nicholas wore his camos and a doo rag that he got at Wal-mart. He looked so good. His dad bought him this really neat toy machine gun and he broke it after only 30 minutes there. Kind of sad!!! It was not cheap. Katie Sue was Elmo, so my twins kind of matched. Neil was Blue from Blue's Clues. Someone had given me the costume before he was born and it was for 6-12 months(walker). Well the velcro where you open to change the diaper kept coming off, so it was really difficult to deal with. He is really growing everyday! I just recently was having problems with his diapers leaking, so I moved him up a size and it seems to be helping and he is waking up less at night. I got home late last night. I left the church and every child was crying in my car, it was like 8:30 when we left and it takes about 30 minutes to get home. Luckily, I had thought to fill the twins sippy cups up before leaving and I gave them those and made Neil a bottle and 5 minutes later they were all asleep! I think they were so tired from the night and *running* to cars for trunk or treat. This was the first year the twins really got into it.
Well, I know I am sooo behind on this blog and lately I have really slacked off! I have several tags and blog awards so I will try to work on those too this week. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Beth said...

Sounds like a fun Halloween party! I can't wait to see pics of your kids in costume -- Nathan as Cookie Monster sounds especially cute!! Hope they get some good rest today after their late night; wow!

Michelle said...

Your Halloween party sounds like it was great fun! My girls really got into this year too. I'd love to see pics of their cute costumes!

Sorry about the awful dream you had. That sounds scary. :(

Kate said...

WOW! Scary dream! I hate when I get nightmares.
I'm glad though that the Halloween party was so much fun . . . can't wait to see pics! :)

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