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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I am so tired today. Well I have been the whole weekend. I can't get any sleep? My baby, who sleeps in our room, wakes up at least 5 times a night. I just do not understand. He was sleeping through the night fine and then for the last two weeks, he wants to wake up all the time? I fed him one time and he went back to sleep. I probably would let him cry it out but he cries like he is dying. I brought him in the living room and fed him this morning and all the kids, dh included. Then I put him in the playpen and he is over there just snoozing the morning away? I wish I could get the twins to want to take a morning nap because I would love to be snoozing like my little baby right now. Oh I hope he will sleep tonight.


Dawn said...

Lack of sleep caused by my baby being up all night is my new number 1 fear. LOL

Beth said...

Man, is it something in the air?? My little guy was sleeping through the night and quit that a couple days ago, too. I am dragging!

At least he's not waking up FIVE times a night, though! You poor thing; I hope you get some rest SOON!

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