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Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend in Review, Random Thoughts, Update, etc!

This weekend was a very interesting day in the kids department. You all know I have tried to potty train the twins, but without any luck. I decided to give up! People kept saying when they are ready they will do it, so I decided to just let that happen. Mind you now if they turned 4 and still did not do it, I would have done something, but I decided just not to worry about it until they showed more interest. All week Nathan has been going and sitting on the big potty for like 15 minutes at at time. Today he did the same thing only he went #2 in the potty. He got a sucker and Katie Sue wanted one I felt so bad, but I told her she had to go potty and she did go pee pee. Wow that was hard to believe! It was like a party in my house tonight. Tomorrow we start panties and under wear, pray for me!
Also, I got out this toy and Neil is walking with it. Hard to believe he can do that and he is only 8 months. I really think he is going to walk sooner than any of my other kids did. I am so happy for him, but sad too because he is so growing up and he is my last baby!
In other news this weekend, my toe has really been hurting. Yesterday my whole nail came off. I got a band-aid on it and it is a Sponge Bob one and it looks like my toe is Sponge Bob. It hurts really bad!
We also went outside yesterday. It is so pretty out, all the trees are gorgeous! It was like 6o degrees yesterday and I sat outside and read a book while the kids played in the yard on there yard toys. We had such a good time! I just love this time of year. I get this feeling in me that I just can not explain. The first time I noticed it was when I was in college.
It is kind of like an excitement! I love this time of year!
We also finally have all of the Halloween costumes. Nathan wanted to be the Cookie Monster so Katie Sue is going to be Elmo. A friend gave me an outfit for Neil it is Blue and it is so cute on him! Nicholas is going to be a soldier. He is into soldiers right now. I do not know why but he is. We went to the library and he had a Librarian find him books about soldiers and war. It kind of scares me really, but he has not been fighting or anything. When we went to Wal-Mart the other day he went to see the board about the men who have served our country and are veterans and he really liked that.
I have got to get back into menu planning, I have not done it for about a month and I can tell the difference! So, tomorrow I will be posting my menu. We cooked a spiral ham tonight. Yummy! So, we will have leftovers, anyone know any great leftover ham recipes? Well that was my weekend.


Dawn said...

I LOVE Ham and tater tot casserole with left over ham! I chop up the ham into chunks and put 1/2 a bag of tater tots (like a bigger bag) and then cover it with cream of mushroom soup - I make a BIG casserole so I use two cans and only 1 can of milk, then I put the other 1/2 the bag of tater tots on that and bake it according to the tater tot directions (something like 425 for 20-30 minutes) and then I sprinkle cheese over the top and bake for a few more minutes until it's melted. My kids LIVE for ham and tater tot casserole.

Kate said...

Sounds like a busy weekend . . . good luck with the PT! :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Much luck with the potty training.

Beth said...

I'm impressed with the potty-training success! We have been working more with Logan lately -- it's hard work! Can't imagine it with two.

Sorry to hear about your toe -- that sounds like it REALLY hurts! :-( Hope it's feel better today!

VAIL said...

I waited until my 3 were ready to potty train instead of frustrating myself with making them go. To me, I wait for them to walk when they feel like they can, I don't stand over them saying walk or else, walk and I'll give you a treat, etc.
Now, they were all 3 when potty training was done, one of them nearly 4, but once they "got it" there were hardly no accidents (accidents usually occured if they were playing outside and waited too long to come in).
My youngest got 2 M & M's anytime he went potty - it worked well for him!
Good luck!

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