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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Online Full Episode Players

Well, as a SAHM, you'd think I had plenty of time to watch any show on TV I wanted. I admit I loved the early editions of Survivor and have faithfully watched American Idol the last couple of years, but really I am so busy at night with getting everything ready for the next day, baths and just time to read myself that network series shows really have not appealed to me. I would be missing them all of the time. I did not watch any all summer. I know that Tivo, or whatever you call it, could let me watch them later, but I really do not have the money for that. So, this summer I discovered that the library has lots of series season dvd's. I watched Lost season one and two and have just about died because I wanted to watch season 3 and it did not come out until December. Then I found the ABC Full Episode Player. I love this because I can watch the shows I want, when I want and never worry if I am going to miss it when I need to be doing other things. Last week I watch all of Lost season three. I was so happy to get to see it. The player does have some limited advertisements but hey its FREE! I have also watched a couple of other shows on there included Pushing Daisies. I love this new show, I watch every new episode. If you have not watched this show. I highly recommend it. Go to the full episode player to get caught up. I also checked out Ugly Betty season 1 from the library and that show is on the player too. I also watched Samantha Who on there. This is a new show that has the guy who played Matt on 7th Heaven. The show is about a girl who loses her memory and has to learn her life again. I do not know if this will be a favorite show or not, it is a little different. Another show I have always liked is House on Fox. I missed a whole lot of this season beginning episodes and my Fox channel comes in real fuzzy, so I thought I would check and see if I could watch this online and yes Fox has a full episode player too and I watched it on there. Also many of the networks have shows on the full episode players that can only be watched online, it never comes on the TV. ABC has one on there. I have not watched it though. So, check online and see if you can watch full episodes of your favorite shows(I added some links below to help you.) Once again, I like that I can watch my shows when I want and I never have to worry about missing a show because I am reading a book to my kids(which I feel is more important!)
CBS Full Episode Player-I watched Survivor on there a couple of times and had a hard time with the player, very different from ABC's player! The player would just stop and never start back and I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.
NBC Full Episode Player-I loked at this but really have not tried it.
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Michelle said...

THANK YOU for the links! I'd heard people say they do this but never looked them up. This is so great! Thanks a million!

Dimple Queen said...

That's pretty cool. I too had heard that you could watch some shows online, but I didn't know it was to this extent. Thanks for the info.


LINDA said...

Who knew? Thanks for the info... Sounds like my cup of tea! I thought it was like commercial blurbs!

Lady Why said...

Oh thank you!! I needed to know this!

Dena said...

Wow! Thanks. We don't have tv but I got hooked on 24 (rented the last few seasons). I'm going to check this out!

Renee's Ramblings said...

We use this too! We just decided to get rid of cable to help cut bills and found all our shows on the major networks, including fox! Yeah...we can still watch TV! The only thing we don't get is fav channel but at least I can go to the website!

Anonymous said...

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