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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Moms can't get sick?!?

Well, yesterday I woke up with my stomach hurting. We have been passing a bug around for about two weeks now. This is the second time I got it. ARGH! I so hate being sick. The last time I went to the doctor I was sick and they gave me some finagrine. I took some and went to bed. Dh took care of everything last night. He even got up with the baby (He never does that). But this morning, he went to school and said, all you have to do is take care of the kids and wash some bottles I will be home at 3. So, okay that does not sound really bad, right. Well, dh and 7 yr old ds went to school, and I went to get the twins up and fed. Nathan had diarrehaed in his diaper and it was all over the blankets and both beds and all over him. Now, you try and clean all of that up with a sick stomach, so much for only watching kids and washing bottles. I guess Nathan is getting it again too. If dh was sick he would just get to stay in the bed! I guess that is what makes it hard on SAHM's. We have to be at work no matter what, well most of the time. I am feeling a little better, but my head hurts so bad and I can not keep anything down right now even meds. Well, kids are playing now and baby is asleep and I am going to try to "rest" on the couch. Hope everyone has a good day.


Kate said...

*HUGS* I'm sorry you're sick . . . hope you are able to get some rest and feel better! *chants "hurry up 3pm!"* LOL

Kara said...

I'm sorry :( It really stinks when us moms get sick. I hope you get better soon!

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