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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Well, I did really well this week with the habits I am working on. Here is a recap of what I am working on.

Habit 1: Making bed everday- I have done really well, this is almost a habit.

Habit 2: Toy pickup- This has really become a habit in my house. The twins do this before going to bed.

Habit 3: Prepare for church on Saturday night- I did really good on this this week.

Habit 4: Study for Sunday School lesson 15 minutes everyday- Missed a day or two but my lesson is ready and I feel better than usual.

This week I am going to work on family prayer twice a day. We have a lesson at church this week on prayer that I read and it really motivated me to work on this. One thing in the lesson that really stood out is that praying some of the time might have been okay in the past but in the future it will not be enough. We need to have all the protection that we can. My family does it when we are all together, but I talked to dh about doing it with ds in the morning before they leave for school. I also need to be better at praying with the kids at night bby myself since dh is usually not here. I loved this lesson and really learned a whole lot! I can not wait to see how the teacher presents it tommorrow.

To get involved in Smart Habit Saturday, go over to The Lazy Organizer.


~Betty~ @ On the Journey to Victory said...

Good job on your habits. You have set some great goals to work on. It is good to see how you are appling these goals to your life. Good luck this week.


An Ordinary Mom said...

Wonderful job on your habits. I bet you feel great!

Good luck on your twice a day prayer. We need to work on our morning family prayers, as well.

Kara said...

You're doing great! Good luck with prayers this week, that's something I need to work on also.

Rosie said...

I really enjoyed this lesson at church yesterday. I noticed that line about more prayer also! I am trying hard to really just make it a real habit. I have two bigger kids and they are already rolling their eyes at it, so I am certain that they need those prayers even more. It is hard to remember to do these things when the hubby isn't home. Mine is gone a bit also and it is hard-but we have to keep up the habit, not just when it is convient.

Kate said...

That lesson was really good wasn't it? :) Good luck on your goal this week! :)

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