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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Well, I missed last week. Dh had been in the hospital with strep and we all keep passing this stomach bug around. Here is what I am working on:
Habit 1: Making bed everday- I have done really well, this is almost a habit.
Habit 2: Toy pickup- This has really become a habit in my house. The twins do this before going to bed. I also moved all of there toys in their room and it has helped me keep my living room clean too.
Habit 3: Prepare for church on Saturday night- I was ready but several of us woke up sick so we did not get to go.
Habit 4: Study for Sunday School lesson 15 minutes everyday- I still need to work on this some more. I missed a couple of days this week too .
Habit 5: Family Prayer twice a day- We did pretty good but still need to work on this!
My habit I am going to add is to get a routine for my kids to brush their teeth. I am making charts this week to help my 7 year old and my two year old twins. They will get stars when they brush their teeth each day.
To get involved in Smart Habit Saturday, go over to The Lazy Organizer.


Jennifer said...

Good job on your habits. I think my daughter is getting old enough for the chart for brushing her teeth. It's mostly been mommy's fault whenever she doesn't. Keep up the good work.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I am very impressed with how much progress you have been making. Good for you!

One of my habits earlier this year was to brush my son's teeth every day. It is now a habit :) !!

Good luck this week!

Tricia said...

Good for you and good luck with your new goal!

The Lynn/Coon Family said...

Good job! Have a great week!

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