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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Caramel Memories

When I was in the 5th grade, I found a recipe in the newspaper for Homemade Caramels. My mom could never make candy, although she made GREAT cookies, so I decided that I was going to make them one Christmas. I made them and they really did not come out right. We did not have a candy thermometer, which is probably why my mom did not want to try making candies. So, I asked my mom if we could buy a candy thermometer. She bought me one and my caramels came out great. I remember my mom begging me to make the caramels every year at the holidays. Well, we lost that newspaper article with the recipe in it, although my mom says she finds it every now and then. Last year I met Jen online and she shared this caramel recipe. They came out great and I found my caramels again that made the holidays so special. I made some of these at 6 am this morning, I have to make them before the kids get up, and they once again came out great. My least favorite part of caramels is cutting them. Anyone got any great ideas on that I'd love to hear them.
Oh by the way, that is a picture of my caramels that I made this morning!


Jen-(Mimo) said...

What temp did you cook them to?
Mine are hard enough that if I cut them with a steak knife they are slippery enough to just slide it right through. You could try chilling it for 10 min in the freezer first too.
This year I'm dipping mine into chocolate candy coating! YUM!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

My mom has made caramels in the past but candy making isn't my thing. They must be delicious though!

Michelle said...

Jen does have a yummy recipe. I love making caramels and they aren't are hard to make as they seem. :)

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