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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chistmas Gifts

So, there are a few things on my Christmas wish list. We spent all of the money we had on the kids though. While we were getting the kids stuff, dh picked out what he wanted too. He got himself a drill(we needed a new one anyways), some other kind of tools set that I really do not know what it does(it was a Christmas's special), and two movies, cheaper older ones. I knew when we left the store that there was nothing for me in the cart. Dh always likes to surprise me. He always has the money so he picks out his own things. I told him the other day that I needed $10 more because I had something else in mind. He said like what? Well, I will not mention it on here because I know that sometimes he does come on here. (Oh he already knows everything anyways. I want to get him a family Bible. He has always wanted one of these and I saw one at Walmart the other day.) So, some of the things on my list, that I have mentioned to him are: a Kitchen Aid Mixer (cost way too much I know I will never get but I have always dreamed of one, a bread maker, some earrings, and maybe some new pants. Well the other day dh says to me, if I got you one really big gift but you could only get one would you be happy. Now first of all I want to know where he is going to get the money to get me anything big which I really think he means "expensive" and I kind of wish for the Kitchen Aid mixer but I just said where you going to get the money for something "big?" He said I have ways? Hmmm? I told him I would be fine with what ever he gets me but not to spend a lot of money. We shall see? But I really think he is just trying to throw me off.
One of my favorite parts about Christmas has always been mailing out Christmas cards with our family photo. Well, we tried several times to take a family photo but none really worked. Who would have known having a large family would mean that it would be so hard to get a photo of my family and I really do not think a professional photographer would have survived a session with my family. No wonder so many of them ask for extra money for extra subjects in the photo. lol! So, we shall see what we come up with? We got one good photo out of all the pictures we took and dh is not in that one. So I have not decided what I am going to do and if I do not decide soon, it will be too late. I just know that I am going to hear a lot of stuff from my family because we do not have any pictures. That is when they want grand kid pictures to show off. My mom took the picture I made last year and made more and sent them to who she wanted lol! Well actually that kind of made me mad, but that is a different story.
I am giving my parents and dh's parents and our brothers and sister baked goods for Christmas. I feel so bad we have never done this. I really do not know how they will react. I think sometimes they get to where they think more about gifts than the true meaning of Christmas. I mean I know that they talk about some of my family and what they get or do not get for that matter. It just really hurts me, but I know I can't do any more so I just have to let it go and get talked about. I am making all my nieces a cute gift. It is handmade but they have always liked my handmade items. I used to make Vera Bradley look-a-like pures and they always loved getting those. I have not touch a sewing machine since I left my job and that really makes me sad! That is a whole nother story thought.
The best gift that I got this Christmas was free. My new stove! I guess that's what all the gifts we get are really. There was a story read at our church Christmas party last night that I really loved. The story told about a woman who always counted how many gifts that each of her siblings got and her mom told her you could not measure gifts by how many that you had to take in consideration the price too. Well then this woman started counting the gifts Heavenly Father had given her and she tried to measure his love for her that away. Well, when she started looking at all the gifts in the world, she found out she was lacking one-a baby. She had had several miscarriages and she wanted that gift of being able to give birth and she wondered why Heavenly Father loved her less because she was not allowed to receive this gift. After many years she finally realized that her way of measuring was not right. She knew her Heavenly Father wanted her to be happy so how can she measure Heavenly Father's love for her? The article went on to say that the Atonement of Christ was the way that we could measure Heavenly Father or God's love for us. When you think about it, what greater gift could one give to give one of his sons to die for us so we could be forgiven of our sins here on Earth. What a wonderful story for this holiday season to know that if we do not receive any gift at all, we have already been given one of the greatest gifts we could be given a Savior who was born and died for us, which is really what celebrating this time of year is all about! I so loved this story, I just wish more people in our world would see it this way and not get so hung up on gifts and all. And especially not complaining about what someone gives to you out of there heart and I hope as we give these small gifts that my family would be able to understand that. So, that is my wish for this holiday season, I hope each of you who read my blog know that no matter what gift you get this season we have already been given the greatest gift ever! I wish each of you Merry CHRISTmas!


Kate said...

Amen to that! :)
PS ~ hope you get the KitchenAid! :)

Bev said...

I generally agree with you about gifts. Yet I am a little concerned about the story that was read at your church about the lady who had lost several babies (to call them miscarriages is to forget these were lives that were lost - babies) and not understand her loss as a mother. I lost 8 babies before having my beautiful daughter. (I went to a wonderful doctor at Duke who helped, which is usually what women who have recurrent miscarriages need - medical intervention.) I named everyone of my babies and remembered them at my daughter's blessing. If your church believes abortion is wrong then your church needs to recongnize this woman's loss of children and that these were babies, too. Their lives need to be celebrated regardless of how short they were.

Having recurrent miscarriages is a double loss. You loose a baby(ies) and you loose the chance of seeing this baby born alive (miscarriages can be as painful as live births - and think of the mother who has to go through the pain of birth knowing her baby is dead) and being able to love it. A mother never forgets the day her baby died or the due date as well as the years go by what the baby may be doing at this time.

It is very hard to understand what it is like to loose a child unless it has happened to you. A miscarriage is just not a miscarriage - it is the death of a baby. You just do not get over it nor can you just have another one to replace the one you lost. I wish we had funerals or memorial services for miscarried babies under a certain gestational age - it might make people more aware that this lady and others really do need to be shown the love of anyone who is bereaving the loss of a loved one. It is really underminding the preciousness of the life that is inside and saying it really is not worth anything.

I am not sure I really like this story being read at church because it imposes the stereotypes of miscarriages as not being that significant. It is hypocritical when most churches preach against abortions. I hope I am making sense.

Thanks for listening.

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