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Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007

Well, I guess I have not posted for awhile. I wanted to post some Christmas pictures and tell you a little bit about our holiday. My parents live about 3 hours away and they sent us money for gas to go and visit them. So, we set off on Sunday morning. We got about 35 minutes from home, when the car I was driving just died on me. So we spent the day getting the car towed back home and then my mom came and picked us up. We ate at Crackel Barrell, my favorite restaurant, my kids were starving and ate pancakes and sausage at 7 pm. We then spent the night with my parents and we got up the next morning and exchanged presents. My parents got all the kids some really nice gifts. Neil got this animal train and he loves it! They sell other parts to it so he may get some of those for his birthday. Nicholas got some military men and some boxers and a diary and sketch book with a special pen. Nicholas had been asking for a diary. Nathan got a remote control car and Katie Sue got a cash register. My parents also got them all a new outfit. They bought clothes for David and me too. They brought us home late the next night. We found out that our car that broke down, which by the way is not the one that a tree fell on, needs a new timing belt. I guess that when it rain's it pours and also, we for some reason did not get a rental on our policy so we can't get the other car fixed because it will be two weeks to get it fixed. But that is a whole nother story. Anyways, we got up on Christmas day and opened gifts with the kids. Nathan got up before we got in there, the little stinker and I had a hard time finding everything that had been laid out. Then we had a rushed breakfast and my dh's mother came and picked us up. We did not even get to light our fireplace. :( We got home late on Christmas night and to tell you the truth I am still tired! DH got me an mp3 player and I really like it. All in all, except for the car breaking, we had a wonderful Christmas and are so blessed! Here are some pictures, this was Neil's first Christmas!

Neil's gift from "Santa"

Nathan took over Neil's gift!lol

Nicholas's MP3 player

"Santa" brought Nicholas and the twins Scooters. The twins are my first scooters.

Katie Sue opening her talking Dora backpack.

Nathan and his Diego rescue pack.

Nathan's face was priceless when he opened his own computer! Katie Sue got one too.

Nathan tries out his new boots, Katie Sue got some pink ones but she did not want to try them on.

Neil and his baby computer.

Neil and his Elmo driving toy.

Nicholas and his Transformer Changing voice helmet.

Katie Sue and her doll.

Neil enjoying his computer.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I'm so, so sorry about your car. :-(

But it looks like you had a nice Christmas! Woohoo for an MP3 player; I have one and it's handy to listen to conference talks and education week talks -- and music, of course!

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