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Friday, April 25, 2008


Someone asked me what FlyLady was and I am sorry I did not give you the link. FlyLady is an online resource to help you organize your house. Do you ever clean all in one day just because you have company coming over? FlyLady might be for you. She sends daily e-mails to help motivate you to get your house clean. Her whole thing is baby steps. So, cleaning 15 minutes at a time really will eventually get your areas cleaned. Purging is also important. You should only keep what you need and love. Also, her big thing is cleaning your sink every night before you go to bed and always keeping it clean. She works in zones and usually gives a week to each zone. Like, this week is the master bedroom. We also get a mission each day to work on in the zone. Like this week was cleaning off your dressers one day. Go to her website and learn more. When I was doing her system I felt like I was just picking up a little each day. Things seemed to stay cleaner and I would never mind if someone was coming over. I need to work on getting to the just picking up part so I can have more time with my kids this summer. I know some people feel this is just too much but really you need to make the plan work for you even if it means changing it to fit your needs. I really loved it but quit while I was on bed rest with the twins and never went back. My house is constantly a wreck and I NEVER have enough time to clean it. I have to invite people over sometimes to motivate me to clean it. Basically, it is not dirty just cluttered. Having four kids has really made this happen fast! So, with baby steps I may get my house back to being clutter free. Also, she has a lot of great things that go along with Weight Watcher ideas like vitamin everyday, 6-8 glasses of water, and 15 minutes of activity a day. She also has a book called body clutter that is really neat. So, I think this will work real well with what I am already doing with Weight Watchers.

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