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Friday, July 6, 2007

Adventures in 2's

So, okay, I talked about how my twins used Coment to make a mess in this post. My 2 year olds have an experience like this almost everyday! It makes so much extra work for me! I reread that post and decided it really was funny! Well, here is another funny for you from the Adventures of 2's. This morning I was making breakfast and the twins were in the living room. Katie Sue brought the carpet powder that I use before vaccuming the carpet and she threw it in the garbage. I got it out of the garbage can and it was empty. I thought oh no because I knew it was full and I had used it last night and left it out. So, I go in the lving room and the powder is all over my carpet and couch. So, I got to vaccum this morning and now my living room floor and couch is very clean, but I can not quit sneezing, from the strong smell in my house now,lol! Just another adventure in 2's!

Note: Adventures in two's is the name I picked because there is 2 of them and they are 2!


Michelle said...

Oh no! Silly children! Well at least they're extra clean now.

Overwhelmed! said...

That is too precious! I only have one 2 year old and he has his mischievous moments as well. :)

By the way, thanks for your interest in my Pay It Forward book exchange! I’ll be kicking it off with a book giveaway on Monday, 9 July, so please stop by and enter to win!

Dawn said...

Boy are they going to be a handful at 3 too!!

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