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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer Reading Book #6

Well, most of you that know me, know I love to read. I like books that are easy to read and don't take a lot of thinking. I use reading as a stress reliever. Well, recently, I participated in the Spring Reading Thing and several christian authors donated books. I got a book from Angela Hunt, Uncharted. I had heard good things about this author and was excited to read this book. I had read some things about the book that scared me. Many said that this was really different from the writing she usually does, but I decided to read it anyways. And I am really glad that I did! Even though this book is deep, it really has a good meaning. The beginning of the book was really hard to understand because the author was trying to set up the story by telling you about the different characters, but once I got through that, I really enjoyed this book. The story is about 6 friends who met in college and were best friends, but life had taken them other places. One of the friends, David, tries to get the group together every year to do a service project, but their lives are always too busy. David is in a bad accident and dies. His funeral brings the group back together. They all decide to go on the trip that David had invited them on to honor his memory and on their way there, their ship wrecks and they get stranded in a very strange place. The rest of the book talks about their time on the island and the strange things that happen there. The author says this story is a parable about parables in the Bible, the parable of the sower and the parable of the unjust servant. So, if this is a parable, I think you are suppose to learn something from a parable. Here is what I learned from this book. I need to use the talents that my Heavenly Father has given me for the good of others. I kind of hear the word service coming next. I know that right now finding the time to serve others is hard as a mother of 4 especially with 3 ,two and under, but I need to do better to share my talents. The other thing that the book taught me is that I need to read my scriptures more! The characters in the book sold a book called Happily Ever After. The author describes the book as a small blue book, kind of brought to mind another book that I feel is important in my life. Anyways, this book gave the characters knowledge and even though they sold it, they did not live there lives by the teachings in that book. This story also taught me how precious our life here really is and makes me think about what the plan of our Heavenly Father is in sending us here. We are being tested and we are going to one day be judged. So, that is what I learned from this book, I am trying to not give away a whole lot of details of the book, but still tell you what the book meant to me. The meaning in this book is so great that I am going to participate in the Pay it Forward Book Exchange and host a giveaway for this book. This book as I said was given to me by the author and she even signed it. Still, I am willing to give it away so lots of other people can read it. I know I said that I don't like to read deep stuff, but I really enjoyed this book and plan to read some more of her stuff. I am putting The Elevator on my list to read soon. My library, actually there are two that I visit, does not have any of her books. Right now, I am not buying any books because our budget is so tight so I am going to see if they will order some of her books for me. I think Anglea Hunt is one of my new favorite authors!

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