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Monday, July 9, 2007

My poor mom!

She decided to come and see me today. She had a lot of stuff to bring me. She said that on the interstate it was bumper to bumper and a 3 hour trip was more like a 4 hour trip. She got to the exit to turn to get to my town that I live in and her car died. She has a cell phone, but it will not pick up around my house. So, anyways someone stopped to help her. He let her use his cell phone. She had three grandkids with her. That guy also towed her car to our house. He would not take any money for towing it, there are nice people in this world. My dh went to pick her up. He brought her to my house and we feed them and my mom called my dad and he wanted us to take her to the interstate which is about 1 hour away. So, my poor dh will not get home until 11 pm. She left her car at my house and they will come back next weekend to fix it. I think her transmission went out. My dad was really mean to her said she should not have come, but you know it could have happened anywhere. I felt so bad for her. I really hope my dad will let her come again.


Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, how sweet of that man to help your mom out. Yes, there are indeed some very kind people in this world!

By the way, I wanted to remind you that I'm launching my Pay It Forward book exchange!

I’m kicking it off with a book giveaway of “Lucky” by Alice Sebold, so please stop by and enter to win! You have until end of day on Friday, 13 July, to enter. :)

Kate said...

I hope your dad is a bit easier on your mom about this . . . it truly could have happened anywhere . . . and it was a blessing that the man was so kind to help and that your dh was able to take her to the interstate . . . I hope you had a good visit in spite of the car issues.

Stacey said...

Your poor mom! I hope your dad takes it easy on her,the car problems weren't her fault. I hope you all had a nice visit anyway!

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