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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Summer Reading Book Review #3

Looking for a Miracle is the second book in the Brides of Lancaster County series by Wanda Brunstetter and the third book I have read on my summer reading plan. I have read Wanda's Daughter's of Lancaster series and really enjoyed it and liked how she used characters from the previous book and went into their story. This series is doing the same thing. Rebekah, who is Miriam's niece from the first book is the main character in this story. Rebekah was hurt in a storm in the first book and she was left paralysed and in a wheelchair. Rebekah has a really hard time dealing with the expectations the Amish community puts on women and she wonders if she will every be able to take care of herself especially if her parents were to die. She really starts to doubt if she will make it or not after she loses someone close to her. Rebekah's biggest hope is for a miracle. She wants to be able to financially take care of herself and she also wants what her best friend has a husband and a baby. She prays for a miracle for those things. Rebekah opens a business and has a guy who really loves her, but she thinks he just wants her business and refuses to marry him. Will Rebekah get her miracles? Well, this is the BRIDES of Lancaster County so that should tell you something. I really liked this book, it is a quick read book for me, only took about 2 days. I think I would recommend anything she writes and I just learned that her first book in her new series, Holmes County, comes out this month! Here is a recipe from the book. I do not know if I would ever make this or not.
Andrew's Quick Homemade Root Beer
2 cups white sugar
1 gallon lukewarm water
3 tsp. root beer extract
1 tsp. dry yeast
Mix all ingredients well and pour into jars. Cover and set in the sun for 4 hours. Chill before serving the next day.


Kate said...

I am SOOO totally bummed that this series isn't in my library! The only Wanda Brunstetter books in the library are the Daughters of Lancaster series . . . and I finished them . . . *sighs* . . . Happy Reading! :)

Lorie said...

Kate-I asked my library if they would order them and they did. Does your library take request?

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Lorie - I actually have these 4 books of the Brides of Lancaster series sitting on my bookshelf, waiting for me to read. I didn't realize there was a previous series when I asked for them as a birthday gift. Is it necessary to read the Daughters series before starting the Brides ones? Or do you think I'd be able to pick up the characters and follow along. Sigh, I really don't like to read series books out of order, even when they tie into another series.

Great review, and so sweet to share the recipes from the books.

Happy Reading!

Lorie said...

The Brides of Lancaster Series nad The Daughters of Lancaseter series are about totally different characters.

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