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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Reading Book #7 This Pen for Hire

This is the 7th book I have read on my summer reading plan. I wanted to read this book because I had read two others in the series, Shoes to Die For and The PMS Murders. I enjoy books that are series about a character and what some call comfort mysteries. This is a real light murder mystery with a woman sleuth, Jaine Austen. This is the first book in the series, This Pen for Hire. In this book, Jaine has been running a writing business from her house called, This Pen for Hire. She writes resumes, etc. She gets a client who wants her to write a love letter and the guy calls back to tell Jaine that it got him a date for Valentine's Day, even though they lied a little in the letter that was written. The guy ends up being accused of murder and Jaine works to find the real killer. I enjoyed the book, but this one had a little more sexual humor than I enjoy in my books. I really think it would have still been a good story without that kind of stuff. I will probably finish the series, since I started at the end, it has two more books.

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