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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer is hosting a carnival called the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway. Bloggers will be posting at her site about giveaways they are hosting on her on their blog, so you could register for tons of prizes, all FREE! I plan to give something away and here is my current giveaway that will be given away on Saturday. Here are the official rules!
Obviously, you can hold whatever kind of giveaway you want at your own site. But if you're going to link up with this one, I ask that you follow these simple guidelines:
1. Go "live" with your giveaway anytime during the week of July 23. Leave a link directly to your giveaway post at the Mr. Linky here--it will be going up at 8 am CST on Monday, July 23rd. Also, and this is important, you must link directly to your giveaway post in my Mr. Linky. Here's how you do it.
2. The post containing the links to all the participants will be at the top of my blog all week. The idea being, of course, to direct as much traffic and comments your way as possible! ;)
3. Open your post for comments, and you can draw a winner from the comments you receive.
4. Please, this is a giveaway, not a SALE. Items offered for sale instead of for free will be removed from the list.
5. Please hold your drawing on Friday, July 27 (it doesn't matter what time of day--that's up to you). I will host a different Mr. Linky here that day so you can link over to your post announcing the winner, just to make it easier for everyone.
6. Please have your contest open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike.
7. Offer whatever you want as a giveaway, but obviously, only family-friendly items. I reserve the right to delete anyone from the link list that violates this.
8. As part of your giveaway, please cover the cost of shipping to your winner.
9. While I expect that majority of participants will be from the U.S., please note there will be several international participants as well. I leave it up to you whether you want to open up your contest to international participants--the shipping, of course, would be more expensive. Please be upfront about this in your giveaway post.
10. Let your readers know that you're playing along! Here's the code for the button:

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