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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hi, have you all missed me? Sorry to post so much this morning. I think I have all of my book and movie reviews caught up! I guess I have been busy with my diet and diet blog, but this is my main blog. I gained .6 pound this past week so I am working even harder this week! I just hope I do better and can get out of the 300's. This diet thing is a one day at a time thing. If it is not, it just gets me down!
Many of you asked about my Valentine's Day outing. We went with 15 other people from our church and ate at the Chinese Restaurant all you can eat buffet. I had a really good time and enjoyed the free babysitting, but I think I would have enjoyed Valentine's Day better if we had just went out by our selves. It was kind of weird with everyone at the table, but at the same time nice to be with other adults. I love Dawn's idea of watching a love type movie, I think she watched The Notebook, with her dh. I think I want to do that next year!
Well, hope you all have a great day! I plan to post some recipes on Thursday and Friday, so check back!


Beth said...

Hi, Lorie!!!!

Glad you enjoyed your Valentine's outing, although yeah, it would be kind of weird going with the whole ward.

We watched a lovey-movie at home for Valentine's, too -- Jack Weyland's Charly. Such a sad movie!! But so good. :-)

Dawn said...

We were gong to watch Charly but I didn't get to the LDS bookstore to get year! We watched The Notebook and it was as sad as ever! Loved it though! It was probably our best Valentine's Day just because we stayed home and it was so relaxed.

I'm glad that you had fun though at Chinese! The free babysitting is awesome!

Renee's Reading Corner said...

Glad you had a good time on V-Day! My hubby and I enjoyed a quiet dinner at home and a movie after we put the kids to bed. It was really nice.

Hope your having a great week. Thanks for the great reviews!


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