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Thursday, January 10, 2008

10 Things I Have Learned After Being on a Diet For Three Days!

Well, I have been on a diet for 3 days now and I have learned a few things about eating better and food. Here are 10 of them!
1. Dieting does not mean starving yourself, I feel like I get a lot of food with the WW points system.
2. I love salads. I can't believe I just said that! lol They make me seem fuller and use very few of my points.
3. That measuring is so essential! I could not believe it when I measured out two tablespoons of reduced fat salad dressing, it really is plenty!
4. I know when my snacky times are now and how to plan and what to eat so I don't just go raid the refrigerator.
5. For me planning my day's food is so important so I don't make BAD food choices. I guess it is kind of like going to the grocery store, if you take a list you are less likely to buy stuff you do not need.
6. Dieting is so much easier than I ever thought! Well, at least what I am doing this time it seems manageable.
7. That I have a lot of support from my family and friends and that that is so essential!8. I have looked at so many people's pictures on the web of their weight loss. So, I know it is possible, but I just can't picture what I would look like "skinny"!
9. Exercise is hard but important and I need to get my body used to it!
10. That when I am drinking so much water, I don't reach for diet pop. Yesterday I only had 1 and I probably could have done without it.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I love salads too. What I don't love is making them for some reason!

Exercise is so difficult. If you can just get started, it feels so good, but it IS really hard to start.

Great list!

Dawn said...

YOu're doing great Lorie! As they say..."Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!"

Beth said...

These are all really helpful tips and tidbits! I am not officially dieting (I am scared of it, I think, but I should take your #1 to heart), but I think I'm going to start consciously thinking about food choices a little better so I eat healthier (#4 and #5).

Way to go, Lorie! You SO can do this!

Jennie said...

that is so exciting! you are very motivating to me!

thanks for sharing your encouraging words!

Katie said...

Good work! This is something I am working on, too.

Betsy said...

Keep on keeping on girl!

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