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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reading Review 2007

Well, since this blog is where I write about all of the things that I read, I thought I would reflect on my reading the past year. In 2006, I read 51 books. That is the most that I have ever read in one year since I started keeping records of the books that I have read. My reading journal goes back to 2004. Last year, I set a goal of reading 30 books, mostly because I knew I had a new baby and I thought I would be reading less. Turns out, I read 62 books last year. Now 32 of those were books that I read aloud with my son , but I still count those. Here is my recap. I did not write reviews on alot of my sons books. I also learned that the first few I did not write reviews on, so I guess last year i started writing reviews.
1.The Brethern-Beverly Lewis
2.The Storekeeper's Daughter-Wanda Brunstetter
3.The Quilter's Daughter- Wanda Brunstetter
4. The Bishop's Daughter-Wanda Brunstetter
5. The P.M.S. Murders- Laura Levine
6. Anne of Green Gables- LM Montgomery
7. Key Lime Pie- Joanne Fluke
8. Shoes to Die For- Laura Levine
9. Anne of Avonlea-L.M. Montgomery
10. Anne of the Island- L.M. Montgomery
11. Anne of Windy Poplars- L.M. Montgomery
12. A Merry Heart- Wanda Brunstetter
13. Looking For a Miracle-Wanda Brunstetter
14. Plain and Fancy-Wanda Brunstetter
15. The Hope Chest-Wanda Brunstetter
16. Uncharted-Angela Hunt
17. This Pen for Hire-Laura Levine
18. Last Writes-Laura Levine
19. Killer Blonde-Laura Levine
20. Waiting For Summer's Return- Kim Sawyer
21. One Tuesday Morning-Karen Kingsbury
22. Where Willows Grow- Kim Sawyer
23. Bygones-Kim Sawyer
24. When the Heart Cries-Cindy Woodsmall
25. A Sister's Secret- Wanda Brunstetter
26. Beyond Tuesday Morning- Karen Kingsbury
27. A Morning Like This- Deborah Bedford
28. When You Believe- Deborah Bedford
29. The Burnt House-Faye Kellerman
30. Dinasaurs Before Dark-Mary Pope Osborne
31. The Knight at Dawn-Mary Pope Osborne
32. The Boxcar Children- Gertrude Warner
33. Suprise Island-Gertrude Warner
34. Mummies in the Morning- Mary Pope Osborne
35. Night of the Ninjas- Mary Pope Osborne
36. Afternoon in the Amazon- Mary Pope Osborne
37. Sunset of the Sabertooth- Mary Pope Osborne
38. Midnight on the Moon- Mary Pope Osborne
39. The Survivors- Dinah McCall
40. Sweet Revenge-Diane Mott Davidson
41. Candy Cane Murder-Joanne Fluke, Diane Mott Davidson, Laura Levine
42. When the Morning Comes-Cindy Woodsmall
43. A Carol For Christmas- Robin Lee Hatcher
44. Return To Me- Robin Lee Hatcher
45. Twilight- Stephenie Meyer
46. The Parting-Beverly Lewis
47. Christmas in Camelot- Mary Pope Osborne
48. Dolphins at Daybreak-Mary Pope Osborne
49. Ghosttown at Showdown- Mary Pope Osborne
50. Lions at Lunchtime- Mary Pope Osborne
51. Polar Bears Past Bedtime- Mary Pope Osborne
52. Tigers at Twilight- Mary Pope Osborne
53. Dingoes at Dinnertime- Mary Pope Osborne
54. Civil War on Sunday- Mary Pope Osborne
55. Revelutionary War on Wednesday- Mary Pope Osborne
56. Twister on Tuesday- Mary Pope Osborne
57. Earthquake in the Early Morning- Mary Pope Osborne
58. Good Morning Gorillas- Mary Pope Osborne
59. Stage Fright on a Summer Night- Mary Pope Osborne
60. Thanksgiving on Thursday-Mary Pope Osborne
61. High Tide in Hawaii- Mary Pope Osborne
62. Piartes Past Noon- Mary Pope Osborne
Later I will put up my Reading Wish List for 2008! Stay Tunned! My kids want to go outside and play in the snow, the first real snow of the year!


Kate said...

WTG with all your reading! I can't wait to see what's on your list for 2008 . . . of course I may just steal some of your ideas! ;)

Jenn said...

I'm definately going to have to keep your list handy for my goal this year!

Here's the link to the piano that you asked about The babies LOVE it!!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Great job!

I didn't find that having a kid stopped my reading too much, but then again, challenging yourself is a good thing, and who knows what 2 kids will bring...

Jennie said...

that is amazing! good for you!

Becky said...

Way to go! You introduced me to the Joanne Fluke series and I love them. I just finished Peach Cobbler Murder (I just wish she would pick a guy). I also read the Magic Treehouse books to my Zach an he really enjoys them.

Renee's Reading Corner said...

What a great list of books and way to go with reading them!!

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