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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We had BAD storms last night!

I think a lot of places had bad storms last night! Here is some of the damage that was done VERY close to our house!

This is the county school bus garage right across the street from our house. They are trying to buy some land to build a new one, as you can tell it is in really bad shape!

This is where we keep our garbage cans. This is the back part of that building's roof. Al lot of it was in the street, the fence seemed to catch most of it!

This is another picture from where we keep our garbage cans, you can see the whole wood beam that came off!
This is our driveway. you can see the metal from the garage roof right on it. Dh might have moved it over a little when he left this morning. Our car was in the garage. After the tree fell on our car there we do not park there anymore, good thing!

This is a building right next to the bus garage. If you look above the power line, you can see the big hole in the roof. You can also see some of the roof from the bus garage on the side there.


Heidi @ GGIP said...

I didn't see any major damage, but we have garbage cans rolling all around everywhere here today. People are going to have TROUBLE finding which one is theirs!

Dawn said...

Wow! THat was a HUGE storm!

Michelle said...

That's quite the storm! I'm glad your family wasn't hurt. I never like big storms.

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