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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday-Lock Boxes

This past weekend, I had an experience that no parent should ever have to go through! My 3 year old son ate some of my medicine. You can see the full story here. So, now I am on a mission to spread the word to parents to keep their medicines in a lock box. We bought the one in the picture on the way home from the hospital, it cost $20. I really though it was going to cost more than that. We now keep all of our medicines in that lock box and it is also on a high shelf and we put a door safety handle on that door, the handle was also very reasonably priced. You can also see that pictured above. If you have young children in your house you should really think about a lock box for your medicines. The bottles they come in say child resistant, but believe me when I tell you a child, even a 3 year old can open them! I really do not want any parent to have to go through what I did, so I am passing this word onto other parents. Also, my children go to their grandparents quite often and they have a ton more medicines than we do and I always see them laying around. So, grandparent this idea is also for you!
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Edi said...

Glad your son ended up all right. Good idea with the lock box.

One day after we had had overnight company - I was cleaning up and found one of their blood pressure pills on the floor. It was little and looked like candy - and I'm glad I was the one that found it and not one of my kids (they are older now - but this was a few yrs ago).

When I asked the person about the pill, she acknowledged that she thought she had dropped something - but couldn't find it.

So another little tip, I guess - would be, if you THINK you might have dropped a pill or you did and can't find it...don't give up looking for it too soon! Even if you can't find it and figure "it rolled under the fridge" - there might be a little one yr old that spots it and can pick it up.

I was always a bit apprehensive of the pills laying out or on the floor when going to visit certain folks - so I'd give the kids a reminder to NOT eat any "candy" they see laying around.

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Great ideas. I have those kind of door handles things and found that my child could get them off when he really wanted to. So I just put some tape around it to keep it together.

nora.lakehurst said...

So where did ya buy it? I need one because I have two meds that if they get ahold of can cause pretty good damage or even death. Thanks so much for your knowledge.

Purplescraps said...

Lorie, we have a lockbox, but the ones that is upright. We put all our meds in there and the kids and other items as well. When Dillan swallowed paint thinner is when we got it and that was four yrs ago.

It was a very scary experience and its those types of experiences that we start being "smart" and put away our meds.

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