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Friday, January 25, 2008

You Make My Day Award!

Renee passed this award on to me. So I am going to pass it on to a few blogs that make my day from reading them each morning! The blogs I pick need to pass it on!
  1. I love to read Kate's blog. She always has something interesting on there and I love her play list of songs. I used to just keep my computer page up and listen to her songs while I worked!
  2. Tammy's recipes is a place I love to visit she is always cooking up something neat and her husband makes wonderful cheesecakes that she post on there! She just had a baby so you should go visit her.
  3. Natalie's blog is another place I like to visit each day.

There are probably many more that I could add to this list! I visit a lot of really neat blogs!


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