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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hot Dogs and Lunch

Yesterday I did cook dinner, but we did not eat it, (dh got a pizza)so I was planning to eat it for lunch. It was really good cola chicken! Well, I went searching for lunch for the kids today, I have had my older son home every day this week because of the weather and he is about to eat up all the twins snacks! I found a package of hot dogs and cooked them. The kids loved them. I knew that I had the cola chicken, but man the hot dogs smelled so good! I really wanted one. Well, I went to see how much one hot dog would be. 6 points for 1 hot dog with a bun. Ack! I really wanted one! I knew though that 1 would lead to me wanting another. 2 is what I usually eat. So, I decided not to do it, but I really want it. I decided to eat the 4 point chicken and make myself some 0 point Progresso soup so that I could get some veggies. Veggies are more important than hot dogs right? I have tried the turkey dogs but I really do not like them. So, how do you all do it with kids? Trying to stick to your diet but having to cook for them too? I am still dreaming about that hot dog. Can you gain weight just dreaming about a food? LOL!


Heidi @ GGIP said...

Hot dogs do have a surprising amount of fat and calories.

I've never had cola chicken. That actually is a scary name for a dish, but i'll take your word for it that it is good.

Lorie said...

Yes they do have alot of calories and fat! Cola Chicken uses diet coke or pepsi or whatever, I used the caffine free kind and it cooks in that. There are lots of crock pot recipes that do that. It really helps make the meat tender and you really can't taste the soda.

Katie said...

I want to try the cola chicken, too. Good job resisting your tempation! I've tagged you for a meme!

Renee's Reading Corner said...

The Cola chicken sounds wonderful! I've used diet cola on beef in the crockpot and it really does make it so tender.

Renee's Reading Corner said...

Stop on over when you get the chance. There's something waiting for you.


Dawn said...

We make ribs with Dr. Pepper. I feed my kids what I can eat, even on a diet, only I don't watch their portions as much. To me, it's really important that my children don't get my weight problems. I'm lucky though, because my kids are really laid back about food and not picky at all.

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