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Friday, December 8, 2006

I'm Uncomfortable and Want Relief!

And no it is not because I am 7 months pregnant!

Well, some of you know that I got pink eye from my children about two months ago and it was miserable. Well, at Thanksgiving, I was having those same problems again so I went to the doctor and she gave me some more medicine and I have been using it every since. It says to use for 7 days, but when I quit after the 7th day, I have the same symptoms again! Although I would not say it is painful, I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin, so yes it is in some ways painful! Well, I am just tired of it so I went back to the doctor today. She says there is nothing else to give me because I am pregnant and to call my ob to see what he recommends. So, I call him and he says exactly what I am taking. I told him it is not working and he says he has no clue then to call a pharmacist. Great! So, anyways I have made an appoinment for this afternoon and I am going to see the eye doctor maybe I will have some better luck. Wish me luck because I sure hate the way I am feeling, uncomfortable!


Mimo said...

Sheesh! You'd think there was something else they can give you. :( I know some of the drops I had on them said to not take while pg. But my daughter has had some oral stuff for pink eye before too.
Good luck at the eye Dr.!

kymomoftwins said...

THe eye doctor gave me two things to try. I can not wait for some relief! It is definately conjunctivitis (pink eye). The eye doctor said there are so many different strans that probably that med was not working for me. Personally, I think I had just been on it so long it quit working.

Michelle said...

YUCK! Having pink eye once is bad enough, but twice! You poor thing. *hugs* I hope the suggestions from your eye dr give you some much needed relief soon. You need a break from that stuff!


I had pink eye before,you poor thing.We use to have a salve for your eyes it worked great.Hope its better now.Hugs,Linda

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