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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Pregnancy Update, yes again sorry!

Well, I am 29 weeks today. Boy, has time flown by! This pregnancy has been so different than my previous ones! Today I have started feeling really bigger. My mil even said something to me about my stomach sticking out more yesterday. I wobble now. lol! I started having problems with my first at 29 weeks and was put on bedrest for 6 weeks before I had him. Now bedrest may sound fun to some of you but try it for 6 weeks, it is not fun! With the twins, I went into pretem labor at 30 weeks, twice, they stopped it both times and sent me home to be on bedrest for another 4 weeks. I remember not being able to walk at all! My dh had to help me down the stairs of my house (I only got 3). So, I guess because of past experience, I am starting to get scared that something is going to happen with this one. But, like I said, I feel so different this time! I have energy! Most of you know the past two months I have been pretty sick, it has been hard to do anything. Now, I want to do things. I feel good. I am doing too much though, so I better calm down. Like the other day, I went to the grocery with the twins. I had a great time getting out, felt really good. But, when I got home, it took me an hour and a half to bring those groceries in and put them up. I could barely walk! I went to bed in pain. Usually if I go to the grocery it is on the weekend and I take my ds with me and as a 7 year old he carries almost everything in for me. No joke! So, anyways I got to be careful. Even thought I hurt, I still felt okay like I had energy. I do not know where this energy is coming from but I love it. I have gotten so much done for Christmas already. I know you all are going to get on me just like my dh and tell me that I need to slow down, but it is so hard to just stay home all day without planning something to do! But, yes I know I got to calm down. If this is nestling, I am in big trouble because I want to keep this baby in for at least 7 more weeks. I went through that premature baby thing with the twins and I would rather skip that. Also, sleep is not something going real well, I have started to wake up and want a snack at like 3 am. Yeah, that is why I am writing a blog at 3 am. I even do a few things around the house that I did not get done that need to be done, mostly dishes and laundry! My dh has left a lot on my shoulders. He is going to school and working so much that I rarely see him and my relatives live to far away to help me. I can not wait until after next Tuesday when he will get a break for a while, if Walmart does not kill him! The twins have also really become a handful! They are not even two yet and refuse to take a nap. I used to love that time. Mosly, I took a nap myself. Now they just stay in there cribs or climb into each others and play. :( So, maybe HF knew I would be faced with these challenges and has made it a little easier on me. I do not know, just know I am feeling really good right now in the pregnancy department!


Kate said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! *HUGS*


I am so glad you are feeling well Lorie and yes LOL Slow Down!!!:)
I am glad you are now feeling better and yes seems like you just told us you were exspecting!Hugs,Linda

Purplescraps said...

Glad to hear that Lorie!!! Soon you will have a bundle in your arms and not feeling so uncomfortable.

HUgs & Prayers,

Jen said...

I'm glad you are feeling better too! Hope it lasts and that more than just feeling good will be different with this one! :)

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