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Friday, December 22, 2006

One Exhausting Week!

Well, Michelle (Cuterthanspit) wrote about this in her blog and I said to myself, "I was going to write about that!" My dh has been off of school and had three days off of work this week, but I still feel so tired. We have been trying to get our house in order, some of the things I have not been able to do he has helped me. We went and got stocking stuffers and a few things my dh wanted to add to our list (that took almost a whole day, no joke!) I finished my holiday baking. Actually, the only thing I lack is the chex party mix and I have to make some because I have so much cereal from WIC that it has got to go or I will have no more room for it! We went to the Christmas party at our branch this week, went to see Santa, and took some Christmas pictures. Yesterday we took the babies to the doctor for there annual well baby check-up. Nicholas has been sick too so he went. All of them ended up getting flu shots. Nicholas cried worse than the babies. We grabbed something to eat on the way back home and ate it when we got home. THat Hardees burger on sourdough bread sure was good, we never eat there because it is so expensiive. The babies started falling asleep while they were eating. I put them down and the WIC office called me and wanted me to come in that day instead of Friday when I had my appointment. So, we got up at three and then went back out. When I got home, I fixed dinner and then later got the babies down and then I tackeled my 1st bushel of apples that I have had almost a week and wanted to tackle. Some were starting to rot, but I saved most. I made 6 freezer apple pies, which later I am going to put in my blog how to do. They were really easy, but I felt like I was going to pass out because I was so tired and I had to washall of the bedding in the house because Nicholas peed in his bed and then came in our bed and peed in ours. So yes, I have had an exausting week. Last night dh worked. He was suppose to work from 4-1 am, but he ended up working until 2:30 am and did not get home until 3 am and in the bed at 3:30 am. So, he will probably be sleeping all day, since he works 4-1 am again tonight. This weekend he will be working a lot. Too many last minute shoppers for Walmart. So, anyways, I am just tired. I am one of these creative moms and I love to do neat things at the holidays, but it always tires me out! My dh told me this week that he hates Christmas because there is too much to do. I think he was just complaining because we have been doing a lot and this is his first year working at Walmart and it is so hetic. So, anyways, I got to find sometime to get my body feeling better or the holidays are going to kill me and this baby I am carrying! So, today I am going to make that Chex mix, but pretty much I am going to try to take it easy. Actually kind of glad that I do not have to go out today! I got to rest and if you have a two year old, you know that is not possible, and I have two. Well, I better go the twins are waking up. Hope you all have a good day!


Bethanny said...

Wow, I am tired just reading all that. You have had a really busy week! Hope you enjoy your relaxing day today!

Kara said...

Wow, really busy! I hope you get a chance to rest and enjoy Christmas!

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