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Saturday, December 2, 2006

Pregnancy Update

Well, here I am 7 months pregnant. I still hate being pregnant as much now as if I was 1 month pregnant, but I have to admit my time is going FAST! Many of you know that I have been struggling with high blood pressure with this pregnancy too.

Well, lately I have been feeling so good! I clean out my babies room and got rid of all of the old girl clothes since I will not be needing them anymore. I called a friend who just had a baby and asked her if she wanted them. She said she would take them only if I let her pay for them. I told her it was really not necessary and she said she was coming and I would have to take the money. I gave her three big garbage bags full of all of Kate's old clothes from newborn to 12 months. That was really hard getting rid of all of those clothes! Lots of memories, but I know my friend will use them! She also gave me some money, I did not count it until she left, but it was $50 dollars. That money is really a blessing! Well, anyways today I am tackling laundry. I have been so behind in several things since I have not been feeling very well. My mil came to help me last weekend. That really helped. I just felt like I could not do anything even sometimes take care of the kids! Since I have started doing more, I have to be really careful. If I do too much, my heart rate gets really high and I feel like I can not breathe. So, eventhough I can do some more things now, I still have to be careful how much. I went to the doctor yesterday and my bp was 127/78. I guess that is why I am feeling so much better, but it might be nestling too. The hardest thing for me right now is bathing the twins. Our bathroom is really small and after bathing them and bending etc. my heartrate is really bad off. So, it takes me a little longer to do things, but at least I am doing them. I am 28 weeks today. I went into labor, that was stopped at 30 weeks with the twins, so I am kind of scared. My doctor really thinks I will make it to 36 or 37 weeks this time. That is like the end of January. (I only carried Nicholas for 35 weeks and the twins for 34 weeks.) I can not believe I will be holding my baby boy that soon. Christmas seems to be just approaching sooo fast! I have to go back to the doctor for a rhogam shot Monday. Oh fun! I took my antibodies bloodwork on Friday so I have to go back. This will be the first time I will be going by myself to the doctor with the twins, should be interesting. Dh usually goes with me. In case you do not know what that shot is, it is when you have RH negative blood. Yes, my dh has rh positive blood as do all my babies, so I have had to have the shot after birth too.

We have pretty much decided on a name for the baby. We have decided on Neil Curtis or Neil Allen. What is your alls opionion on those two names? Allen was my grandfather's middle name. Curtis is my grandmother's madien name and my mom and dad really want me the name the baby Curtis because they want to call him Curt? I do not think that will happen. My mom threw a fit with the twins and finally got her way with Kate's middle name. Why does she think that naming the baby is her right and that it has to be named after someone in the family? Anyway, we have told everyone we have not decided yet, but the last time I saw my mom she said, "They are not telling anyone what they are naming the baby." She said it kind of snappy, but that was my decision not to tell anyone. You all do not know my mom, she thinks that is how she will get her way and usually I give in but not this time.

I only have one more thing to figure out. Where am I going to put this baby? I guess in a bassinett in my room for a while. After that I really have not decided.

I know this is going to be our last child and that gives me some mixed emotions! I know that going through another pregnancy would not be good on my health and I know and feel so good about this being our last child. So, during the c-section, I will probably take care of that. Eventhough people scare me about how people still get pregnant after that surgery. I just really feel right about this decision. I feel like I have done my part in helping populate the earth. lol. I remember thinking I would never have ANY children and then in one year I was married and had a beautiful son! After he was born, we tried for 5 years to get pregnant and I had almost given up hope and then we had the twins. So, I know that I am so very blessed to be going to have 4 wonderful children!

Well sorry this is so long, it has been a long time since I have given an update. Thanks for reading.


Bethanny said...

I love the name Neil; I'm glad you decided on that! I think either middle name sounds fabulous; I'm sorry your mom is putting so much you about it. Surely she wouldn't call him Curt if everybody else was calling him Neil, right? Or will you call him by his middle name?

I can't imagine keeping up with two-year-old twins (and helping out your older son, too) while trying to take it easy. *hugs* Good luck these next few months!

Lorie said...

No he will go by his first name Neil. She wants his first name to be Curtis which is kind of why I am leaning toward Allen, eventhough I really like Curtis as a middle name. Yes taking it easy has been hard, with the kids and dh not around a whole lot! I just pray they go by fast too!

Kate said...

*HUGS* Hope the next 8-10 weeks goes by in a snap so you can be holding that precious little one in your arms instead of just under your heart! :)

Mimo said...

I didn't know you found out it was a boy! How did I miss this?
I like the names you have chosen, but don't have a preference for either one.
When people in the family tried to "help" us name the baby I ended up telling them if they wanted to name a baby, to go get their own baby to name! lol. Sometimes you just have to stick up for yourself.
I too hope this time goes fast for you, and you are able to take it easy as much as possible! Wish I was closer to help out. Take care of yourself!

Purplescraps said...

I love the name Curtis. I just feel that it is your child you should have the overall pick of the name. I like Curtis.


Rachel said...

I can't believe you are 7 months already! Time has gone by fast. Blood pressure is a pain during pregnancy. Have you tried taking magnesium pills? They are supposed to help. Just make sure you drink your water. I did much better with that the second time and I never developed full blown preeclampsia the second time.


The name I like it should be yours and hubby decision.For health reasons I understand your reasons.Boy you have got your hands full LOL!Hugs,Linda

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