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Thursday, December 14, 2006

You do not apprieciate what you got until you lost it!

Yesterday afternoon, I was working on the internet when it just quit on me. We tried to get it back online and then called the service line saying we had lost service. While we were shopping at Walmart, we tried to call my mil to ask about some sizes when the phone said all circuits are busy. I even hear lots of people were having trouble like the hospital because they had no phone service. Well, my internet service finally came on today at about 5 pm. Yes I missed it and maybe did not apprieciate it as much as I should. I looked online today at the news website and found out that on broke cable was what had caused the blackout of telephones and internet. What was even more suprising is that they think vandals cut it trying to still copper. Crasy! Here is the complete story! The link works you just have to copy and paste...sorry! - Hard News&d1=157400&LaunchPageAdTag=News

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