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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas and an update

Well, I had a talk with my dh about my last post and he took it all the wrong way, I think. He did decide to call in yesterday. That is kind of bad because we really need the money, but it sure was nice having him here to help me out with the house and kids. I am now 31 weeks pregnant and I am feel ing like I am really getting toward the end. I have a lot of pressure down there and it feels like the baby is right down there. It actually hurts to walk, sleep or get up from a sitting position. I experienced the same thing with the twins. Going anywhere and walking is really hard on me! I really need to get dh one more thing but I really do not think I could make it in Walmart and so he will just have to deal with what I bought him which is not a lot. My doctor says he really feels I will make it to 36 weeks. Man that is so close. I hope I do. The longest I have carried a baby is 35 weeks and he was born healthy and fine. So, if I get to 36 weeks hopefully the same will happen. I just feel like it will be soon because of the pressure I am feeling.

Christmas this year will be so different! We usually go to my grandmothers on Christmas eve, but last spring she was put in a nursing home so this is the first year we will be changing traditions. Feels so wrong. We will be staying here and going to my dh's grandmothers. We usually go on Christmas day, but not this year. My family lives 3 hours away and we are planning on going on Christmas after we have Christmas morning and breakfast at our house. My mom has some concerns about us coming because of how late I am in the pregnancy, but my doctor has nit limited my activities and I know I will be close to a hospital if I need it. Maybe that is a wrong decision, but I feel pretty good about it. So, anyways, that is my Christmas plans. I hope each of you have a wonderful time this Christmas, whatever your plans are.


Mimo said...

I hope you make it that long, wouldn't that be nice!?

Hope your Christmas was nice, and you traveled well.


Wow Lorie not long lady!Take care and Happy New Year.Hugs,Linda

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