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Monday, December 18, 2006

Will you all cry with me?

(Somehow I thought I posted this, but it was in the edit format and it did not post, sorry!)

I know children have accidents, it is part of life, but when it happens I just hate it. Nathan fell tonight and hit his head on the entertainment center. I think it was the bracket on the door because the corners are not that sharp. He hit right where the eyebrow is, he did not pass out or anything. I laid him down and tried to get the bleeding to stop, which I was having no luck. I put on his shoes and took him to the ER. Luckly, dh was not working tonight and I did not have to take all the kids this time. The nurses were like we probably will just glue it. I doubted that because well just believe me it looked bad. The doctor came in immediately and said he has to have stitches. They came back and put him in this like straight jacket he did not resist because the doctor put his blacket under it. The next part was the hardest for me because theygave him several sticks from a novacine shot. He cried really bad. The doctor put in 4 stitches, Nathan really did not cry much, he just looked scared. I was crying. We got out of the ER pretty fast. Poor guy will likely have a scar, but I am hoping where it is in the eyebrow it will not be as bad. I just wanted to cry so bad in the ER. I felt so bad for him! So, anyways that was my night in the ER.


Dawn said...

Oh man how scary! Poor Nathan!!

Kara said...

Poor little guy :( I hope he's feeling ok now.

kymomoftwins said...

update: We went to the doctor today and he said it looked fine. He will take them out on Tuesday.

Jen said...

:( Poor guy! Poor Mommy! I hope he heals fast, and that you don't have to have a scare like that for a very very long time!

cuterthanspit said...

I'm so glad he's ok Lorie! How scary that was for you and him! I'm glad he's healing well. Poor Nathan!

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