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Monday, November 26, 2007

Book Review-The Parting by Beverly Lewis

The next book that I read on my fall reading list was The Parting by Beverly Lewis. I am a big fan of Beverly Lewis. I have read and LOVED all her books and it is unusual for me to say I did not like a book that I chose to read, but I really did not think this was one of her better books. The story is about Nellie Mae whose Amish community is being split in two. Some community members want to start studying scripture and believe they are "saved" and others want to have more modern conveniences like tractors. Nellie Mae is caught in the middle because her father wants to read scripture and believes he is "saved." Nellie Mae is courting a guy whose family is on the other side. Nellie Mae knows that neither family will let them be together after the split. Basically that is what this book is about. While it bored me at times and did not seem to go fast enough for me, like most Beverly Lewis novels do, I will continue reading the series to see what happens.
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