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Monday, November 12, 2007

Time to get rid of some stuff!

I am so tired, but I got a lot done! I have made a goal to get both my kid rooms cleaned and organized by before Christmas. Today I started that adventure. I have come to the conclusion that my kids have way too many toys. Where do I put them all? We have not only Christmas, but Birthdays too. So, I know they are going to be getting new stuff. So, I got rid of a whole lot of stuff that I am taking to Mountain Mission tomorrow! The twins room is organized. How long it will stay that way, I am not for sure? I am going to try to have pick up times throughout the day and hope it stays that way. Do any of you have the Little People play sets. We have the farm, the house, Noah's Ark, the circus, the bus, and the Zoo. There are just too many parts to keep up with for all of those play sets. I decided to keep them up and just get them out every now and then, although they do play with them all of the time! The room is totally clean. Nathan will not keep his bed made and he wants to put the rug on his bed lol! But it is clean. Now I have to get the closet cleaned out and the room will be cleaned. Note, most of the stuff in the closet is mine that needs to be moved! Then I move on to my oldest son's room. He again just has too much stuff, so I am going to get rid of some stuff in there too. So, if you do not see me for awhile that is because I am busy.
Also, I know that I have a meme that Natalie gave me that I need to do, if anyone else has asked me to do a meme please leave a comment here and I will try to get it done. Thanks!


Beth said...

We just got the Little People ark and I am looking to buy more sets for birthday and Christmas! I loved playing with Little People when I was little; it helps promote pretend play, I think.

I do keep it put away most of the time -- just on a shelf in the boys' closet. I recently invested in a few Rubbermaid boxes that have helped keep things organized, too (they're nice because you can stack them!)

Good job on organizing the rooms!!

Lorie said...

I love the Little People play sets too Beth!

Kara said...

Wow, sounds like you are busy! I actually love going through and purging stuff, I've been thinking I need to go clean out the playroom again. I go by the motto- Less is More!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I love the Little People toys. They are durable (except those new ones with the fur on the animals) and really allow for creative play. We have the farm, a circus train and the plane. I keep them all together so that he can interchange all the pieces. I keep the pieces in these bins that fit into a cube bookshelf and I put the main parts on top or inside the bookshelf.

It is a great idea to purge before Christmas. I've also found that thrift stores have TONS of toys after Christmas too:)

Marcia said...

Hi Lorie

Just wanted to say hi to you :)

I love that you got rid of stuff - yay!!

Anonymous said...

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