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Friday, November 16, 2007

An Update

Just so you all do not worry about me, I wanted to update you on what I decided about the doctor. The clinic I went to for my finger, I have been to before. They used to charge $20 an office visit for the sliding scale. Well now they have a $35 sliding fee and you must pay for that before you see a doctor. I think we are going to take money out of the Christmas money, which was not a lot to begin with to pay for a few of the visits and lab work. (lab work is extra, but they will charge lab work) So, we will not be buying gifts for my family this year. My dh says that taking care of me is priority. Walmart has my presciptions for $4. So, that is pretty manageable. My children will still get some things for Christmas, I am talking about our parents, brother/sisters, grandparents etc. So, I think things will be okay. I do not think I have told my blog readers this but my dh is trying to get a new job that he has a very good chance at that will offer benefits, so I am hoping that that will happen before Christmas and take care of a lot of my fear in not being able to go to the doctor when I need to! He is working part time for the company now and they will work with him to finish his last semester of school, if they decide to hire him. They have already been giving him some of that positions duties so I think he has a pretty good chance. At least I am hoping!
You know what is even more ironic for me. The doctor I saw at the clinic was the head doctor and walkins do not get to see him, but I did, which I thought was strange at the time. He is a specialists for the health problem I have. Makes me wonder was I meant to hurt my finger so I would go to the doctor? I do not know but it makes me think.


Kara said...

I hope he's able to get that job with the benefits :) (((hugs)))

Kate said...

Oh hun! *HUGS* I'm so glad that things are looking good for your dh to get that jo! That will help out a lot . . . and I do NOT think it's coincidence that you got that doctor for your finger!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I'm glad you got to see the specialist, whatever the reason was.

Natalie said...

I hope he gets that job!

LINDA said...

An omen for sure. Good luck . I'll say a prayer for you..

Anonymous said...

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