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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Reading Update/Frustration

Well, I added this book onto my reading list for the fall. I have checked it out three times but I have only been reading it for a week. I added it because everyone said this series was so good that it was a page turner. Well, I have been struggling with it. I will finish it, but the chapters are so long. It takes all my reading time to get through maybe one chapter so things are going slow. I have gotten through the fourth chapter and it is not bad, I just don't see where it is going fast enough. I usually like most books I pick to read, this is just going to take a little longer. Hopefully, in the next week i will be done with it.


Beth said...

Yeah, I did find that it was a page-turner, but then again, nothing seemed to happen in those pages sometimes (ESPECIALLY the beginning!).

Then again, I have only met one other person who didn't absolutely love the story. Maybe there are only three of us in the whole world. ;-)

I am in a big reading funk myself these days. Unless you count blog-reading, I guess. ;-)

Jen-(Mimo) said...

What is the book called? I can't tell by the picture.

Anonymous said...

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