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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Rambling Post, for sure!

Aren't we allowed to just ramble on our blogs every now and then? Well, I am going to warn you this is a huge ramble just of things I want to put down! So here goes!
First I want to talk about my twins. They will soon be 3. Hard for me to believe! They are growing up so much. We still have not perfected the potty training thing, but we are working on it and I am really trying just to not stress out about it and just let it come in time. Katie Sue really does talk pretty good. I really have not heard much, "toddlerness" in her words. Now Nathan is another story! For a long time, he would cry and say, "net". I was lost, had no idea what he was talking about! About a week ago, I finally figured out that, "net" is his blanket? I have a really hard time understanding him and it frustrates both of us. Most of the time I just have to say, "show me." Hey, it works. They also are really into movies now and would watch them all day if I let them. There favorite right now is "Inch." That is The Grinch. Nathan is so funny he talks all through the movie and acts like The Grinch. It is too cute! Katie Sue is such a quiet child around others, but she definitely can take up for herself around her brothers.

Neil is growing all too quickly! Where has this year gone? He wants to be down all of the time and can stand on his own for a little while and is really trying to walk. He can wear 12 month shirts now, but I guess he is short because he has to have 6-9 month pants. He does this really cute thing with his nose. I call it, "crinkling his nose." It is so cute. He usually does it first thing when he sees you, but he can do it when he is mad too. He has also started eating table food. At our Thanksgiving dinner at church, he ate mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and bread and LOVED it. Oh and he ate some pumpkin pie too.

Nicholas is my child that I worry about. He wants more time with us than we have time to give to him. The person he wants all the time is daddy. Daddy is one busy man, if you do not know that, but he still tries to spend 1 hour a night with him and Nicholas wants so much more. My other children are so far apart in age from him that he has a hard time playing with them or he hurts them while playing with them. I have been reading with Nicholas every night, we have read lots of books together and we get to just talk. He still is having problems with acting out sometimes, but I think he is getting better. He has also decided that he wants to be a soldier when he grows up. As a parent that makes me sad, but I really do not think he knows what all goes into being a soldier. He just likes the outfit and that he gets to carry a gun. He just won't listen to us when we tell him how bad being in a war really is, yes he wants to be in a war. Like I said he is my child that I worry about.

Last night I made the Sweet Potato Fries. They were really different but good, I would try them again. I found some yams for 25 cents a pound so I wanted to try something else with that good of a deal. The Hamburgers were really good too. We tried the Sara Lee Wheat buns. Too good! today I am finally going to make the Potato Soup. We have had it before so I know it is good! Yeah I know I am changing my menu around a little, but I forgot to lay the chicken out last night and I want the Potato Soup. lol.
This week at the grocery, I found great deal on produce. We love good fruit and veggies, but I watch the prices too. This week I also found pears for 88 cents a pound. They were regularly 1.26 a pound. So, I bought some. I want some more. They were too good! Everyone loved them!
My finger seems to be doing a lot better! It was cut in the joint so it is still hard to move it, but I can wash dishes now and give baths to the kids.
For Thanksgiving, we are going to my dh's grandmother's. I would love to go to my family but they eat at Cracker Barrel every year and dh says that he wants real food. We also would have to take two cars and we really do not want to spend that much in gas. My mom and some of my brother and sisters kids are coming over on Friday so I will be making "my" dinner then. I got my turkey for 88 cents a pound and it is a Butterball so I think I got a good deal and I bought an extra one at that price. We can eat a lot of meals on that Turkey. We will also be having cake and ice cream for Nicholas's birthday which is really on Thanksgiving.
Well that's all I got to ramble about today. Sorry if I bored you to death! lol


LINDA said...

We let our grandaughter, Mallory, who lived with us until she was nearly 4, decide for herself about potty-training. It was alot less stress-more for diapers but worth it in the long run. i guess I figure as long as you're together, it's something to be thankful for. I would prefer to cook and clean up myself but that doesn't always work out. We-Mike and I- have had Hungry Man dinners on Thanksgiving! We laughed and enjoyed ourselves alot. This year will be unusual for us. We are getting together twice. The second will be an early Christmas for our kids from Colorado. Now, who's rambling? Enjoy your family. I love reading about them and learning that are so many people out there just like us.....

VAIL said...

I will be looking forward to hearing some of your recipes for how to use leftover turkey! My kids are not big turkey eaters, but I have a turkey someone gave us and with our money situation right now - they will have to eat every last bit of it. They aren't into casseroles, so it makes it tough to figure out!

Dawn said...

I cannot believe that Neil is that big already! Look at him!

Other post related - but I'm glad that you're getting your health take care's the most important thing! GL on the new job for DH!

And I bet this time next year you'll only have Neil in diapers, don't worry, it goes so fast!

Anonymous said...

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