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Friday, September 28, 2007

Book Review- The Survivors

I am a very loyal reader. I pick my authors and I read those authors. I usually listen to other people's reviews to find new authors to read and have found quite a few that way. This time, I went out on my own, I found this book in the new section at the library and thought it looked pretty good and I was right. This was a book that I had a hard time putting down. The main story line is a plane crash, which by the way went down in Carlisle, Ky, (I lived there for a couple of summers) that has only four survivors. Two senators, a small boy and a young girl fresh out of college. The boy and the college graduate witness the murder of one of the senators. So, they must run from the crash site because the other senator knows they witnessed the murder and he wants no witnesses. The senator starts to chase them during a severe snow storm on a mountain. The boys family comes to go help find him and they rely on a psychic to help them find the two. Thre is lots of action in this book and even a couple of love stories, which I thought must have been really hard for the author because she lost her fiance while she was writting this book. Overall I loved it. I did however have a hard time imagine some of the things that happened with survival in the snow and bad weather and some of the things that the 85 year old man did, but it is a story, right?
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Katie said...

Ooh, sounds intense. Thanks for the review.

Crystal said...

I read this book a while back and really enjoyed it. You are right about the things that 85 years old could do. Kinda unreal!

VAIL said...

Sounds good! I am like you - get into my authors and tend not to venture too far. But, I'm doing better lately, trying logs of new authors on my Fall Reading List. Thanks for the Review!

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