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Monday, September 10, 2007

Daily To-Do Monday!

Well, I really did not get much done on Friday because I ended up taking Kate to the doctor. So here is my list for the day!
1. Dishes
2. Pick up living room and vacuum-done!
3. Mop kitchen floor
4. Laundry-3 loads -Finished 1 load
5. I really do not have a room focus today, but I have a project. I am moving bookshelves and organizing them. Books are everywhere and it's time for a book clean-up!
6. Make special treat for Family Home Evening Tonight- Snickerdoddle Cupcakes- Done These came out so good! Easy! The frosting makes them!


Natalie said...

How did you do on getting things done?

Lorie said...

I got all of it done except my bookshelves, I am still working on them and I am puging!

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