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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Someone must have been praying for me!

Homework went great today. Nicholas only had three more chapters to read in his chapter book and his dad told him this morning if he finished it he could get his computer time back. Well, it worked like a charm because he read the rest of the book that took about 40 minutes. He only has to read 20 minutes, but he wanted to finish the book. I do not think I told you, but I have to read it with him, to help him with words and such. He wrote his sentences and is all done at 4:45 hooray! I am so glad it was easier! Now he wants to go to the library and get the next book in the series. We might do that because today is the late night at the library? Maybe? I just hope he keeps his interest up and continues to do good. I think reward works better with him than taking something away or even early bedtime, although I have used early bedtime and it does work good too! Thanks for your thoughts.


Beth said...

I'm so glad homework went well tonight! Good job on using the rewards and encouraging him to read. Sounds like it worked like a charm! YAY!

Dawn said...

Which series is it? We're always looking for good series' for Jakey to read!

CONGRATS on the easier homework night!!!

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