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Monday, September 10, 2007

I FINALLY learned to make gravy!

Dh has always made the gravy breakfast in our house. His Mammaw taught him to make it. My mom made good gravy, but she NEVER taught me how. I started a job where cooking was a big part of my job but I still never learned how to make good gravy. One of my Secretaries even tried to teach me, but I just could not figure it out. Well, this weekend, I told dh to let me try to practice making it, I had watched him enough, well it finally came out right and dh did not really help me at all. I thought I would try it again today and make some for the twins, they love it. Dh was not even here and it came out GREAT! I'm so proud of myself!


mjpuzzlemom said...

I have been making this gravy and it is a big hot. reminds me of Grandma's.

Unbeatable Sausage and Gravy

Kara said...

The only time I tried making gravy it turned out horrible, so I just use mixes that you just add water lol. My dad makes delicious gravy at Thanksgiving but never showed me, next time we are there for Thanksgiving I'm going to ask him to show me how.

Natalie said...

Good job! I don't know how to make gravy.

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