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Monday, September 17, 2007

Daily ToDo

I am so tired today! We did a lot this weekend. I have so much to do today too! Neil has got a bad cold and he stayed up most nights this weekend. He cried a lot at nights making sleeping hard since he sleeps in our room! He ate this morning and went right back to sleep. Wish I could stay in there with him, but the twins are up. We did a lot of shopping this weekend. We got new clothes for all the kids and DH. They were all in need of new shoes, socks, and some warmer clothes. The weather here has gotten so cold at night and early in the morning. I like the cooler weather! It is just hard to dress for 50 degree weather and 80 degree weather at the same time. We also got 2 new chairs for our table so now we can put the boosters up for Nathan and Katie Sue, they love it. We also got Neil a new high chair. So, now we have seating for everyone. The twins had the $20 high chairs and they are really warn out, so we had to buy a new one for Neil. So, today I need to reorganize the dining room to fit all of that in there. We cleaned the carpets this weekend and they are so much better! It will be nice to get things straightened up. We only have one more big purchase a bed for Neil. I have picked it out but we have to wait to get something to haul it in. ( our cars are too small)
To Do:
1. Dishes
2. Laundry-LOTS!
3. Reorganize dining room
4. Mop Kitchen
5. Pick up living room and vacuum
6. Clean bath tub out
7. Family night treat to be baked

1 comment:

Dawn said...

What a busy weekend! Reading about it exhausted me! LOL

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