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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Do I got the SAHM Blues?

Warning!-This is a down post, so read at your own risk!
I guess that's what you call it or maybe it is SAHM burn-out? I think having the todo list helps me, but I still feel so down. I don't even want to take a shower in the morning and get out of my pajamas. I got so much t o do, I will never get it all done and then once it is done, it's time to do it all over again! And the wonderful messes I get to clean from twin toddlers. Today, it is only 10 am. I have swept up a plate that gotten broken, cleaned up poop off of the floor and went searching for the poppy diaper. I know there will be plenty more and I just do not want to deal with them. My 7 month old has learned to crawl and he does not want to sit in anything while I clean he wants on the floor. I have to watch him closely when he gets to do that. I think it is time to break out my Rugrats gate? I have not even gotten to start homework with my oldest son yet. He can read really good, but he refuses to read and acts like he can not read the words and it gets me so mad. He has to read 20 minutes a night and write 2 sentences about the story. It took him 30 minutes to read one page yesterday and he refused to write sentences. So, I just gave up and said fine. They have reading teams and if you do not do this you lose 5 points for your team each night you do not do the reading assignment. Maybe I should have forced him to do it, but he has already lost all of his good stuff so I really do not think I could have punished him more. (He got two strikes at school, he losses privileges with one strike, you have to do something really bad to get a strike, he got two in one day!) He even has a book he likes to read. Sometimes I think he just does it because he knows it will get under my skin? I love my kids and I love staying home with them. Maybe it is because I really have not gone very many places at all this summer. I watched my wedding video (the picture taking session) yesterday, we got married at the St Louis Temple, and I just wanted to go back there with dh. So, I told dh we need to take a weekend and get a granny to watch the kids. We might go? We might just go to Louisville,(it will probably be this one) but we will get a hotel for one night and go out to eat at The Olive Garden! I hope we can make this happen and I can get rejuvenated and out of these SAHM blues!


Beth said...

You definitely have your hands full, Lorie. But you are doing a good job! I think you handled the homework situation just fine -- in a parenting book I read ("Parenting with Love and Logic), they mentioned that if you *make* your kids do their homework, the only thing they will learn is to resent you for making them do it. They don't think you're doing them a favor; they think they're being punished. If N doesn't do his reading, he'll learn from his classmates on his reading team and from his teacher that that's not the choice he wants to make -- hopefully, anyway.

What I'm trying to say is that by not babying him through his homework you are proving what a good mom you are -- that you want to teach him to take responsibility for his own actions. That is a really important lesson, I think!

Anyway, all this is just theory coming from me, 'cause my kids certainly aren't that old -- but I still think you are a GREAT mom.

And I know there are some things that just need doing, but try not to stress about the housework side of being a SAHM -- that can get to anybody after awhile! *hugs*

I hope you can get to the temple with your DH soon!

Dawn said...

The getaway to the Temple sounds like a fabulous idea!

As far as reading goes - Jakey has the same - 20 minutes of reading and 3 sentences (similar) everynight. If he doesn't get it done, he goes to bed 20 minutes early - I'm gonna get that time somewhere! LOL That's pretty much his major punishment right now because he HATES to have to go to bed earlier than Justin, works better than taking away anything we've ever tried to take away.

And I agree with Beth, his classmates are going to teach him a lesson about being responsible to a group, and natural consequences are sometimes the best!

Staying at home is hard, and the housework is the worst! ***hugs***

Stacey said...

I think you are doing a fabulous job Lorie. I hope you and your hubby can get some time away soon. *hugs*

Renee's Ramblings said...

I know just how you feel! Sounds like you need some "you" time and time with your hubby. I hope your get both soon! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

VAIL said...

I can't even imagine doing all you're doing! I am so in awe - you are doing a great job.
I get that way though when I'm at home a lot - and perhaps a shower is the key. A shower in the AM - before you start on any kid stuff. A nice hot, 10 minute shower. It wakes you up, you put on clean clothes (at least clean PJ's!) and then GO!
Bless you for being such a great Mom!

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