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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Book Review-When You Believe

I liked the first book that I read by Deborah Bedford, so I decided to try another one. When You Believe, is a book about a high school guidance counselor, Lydia Porter, who has finally found the man of her dreams and has accepted his proposal of marriage. When one day, one of her students comes to tell her that she is being sexual abused by a teacher, Lydia's fiance. By law, Lydia must report the incident, even if she does not believe it. But when her fiance asked if she believes him, she says she doesn't believe he is telling the whole truth. All he wanted was for her to believe him. Will they make it? Will her fiance go to prison. The ending is really interesting. I enjoyed this book. At the end Deborah says that this story is based on a true story.

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