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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Family Update and a Funny Potty Training Story!

All of my kids seem to be growing so fast!
Neil is almost 7 months old. He is getting so many teeth! We call him JAWS! Whenever you pick him up he tries to bite you because his upper four teeth are coming in and they are so swollen. He chews on everything, but seems to like this when it is cold, the keys have some kind of liquid in them? All I know is he loves them! We need to go buy some new clothes, he is ready for 6-9 months clothes! He is 18 pounds now.
Nathan and Katie Sue, which is what they get called most, are growing too! We have been working on potty training, but it is really not going very far! Nicholas is so into helping them. He wants them to go so bad! Yesterday he came home and that was the first thing he did take them to the potty, not much longer, he yelled at me that Katie Sue pottied. I went in there to look and Nicholas had put water in there to make me think that she had peed. I told him I knew it was water. I cleaned it out and Katie Sue sat back on the potty. About 5 minutes later Nicholas yelled at me again that Katie Sue had peed in the potty. I went back in there and it did look like pee pee. I asked Katie Sue if she went pee pee in the potty and she said, "No, Nicholas, pee peed." Can you believe that he peed in there potty because he wanted them to pee so bad, I was upset that he lied to me, but it was a little funny! LOL! Back to Nathan and Katie Sue, they are enjoying staying home with mommy. We read books that are a different theme every week, this week is Teddy Bears. They are also counting to 5 now. Read more about what we do everyday here.
Nicholas started the 2nd grade this month. He seems to really be enjoying it. He is joining Cub Scouts and really excited about that! Can you believe that a uniform and registration fee is over $100? I do not know how we are going to get it all for him, but he is so excited and I know that it is important for him. The problems he is having in school is talking. The child loves to talk! He interrupts his teacher a lot, but he has a really good teacher that can deal with him better this year and he is doing so much better behavior wise! He is also reading so much better now.
David finished his summer GPS work that he was doing, but the company is going to hire him to compile all the work from the 4 counties. So, that is a great big help that he does not have to go looking for another job while he is in school this semester. He has one more semester after this!
So that is a little family update for you! Hope all is going well with your families!

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