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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Potty Training Again

Well we started potty training today again! We bought some pull ups and I told them they get a sucker when they go potty. Nathan's pullups have carrots on them, he already lost his carrots, he did both in his pullup! ;( . Katie Sue still has her flowers on hers. We also bought them a new potty. It is on of those royal ones that play music etc. They love it.

There is a picture of it on the right. I like it, it is cute, but whenever they put there hand down there to wipe or whatever, it says they went to the potty. Neither have gone yet. I am going to work really hard with them, but I know everyone says they are ready when they are ready, but I got three in diapers and I really would love to only have 1! So, I am working with them. They both tell me when they need there diapers changed so I know they know when they are pottying in there diapers. I hate potty training! Can I say that? And just think, I will still have one more to train after these two, ohhhh! Guess I need to stop thinking about that and just do the best I can with these two.


Kate said...

Good luck! :)

Natalie said...

Potty trainig is a nightmare, huh? I'm slowly working on it with Kenzie. Good luck with the twins!

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